food bliss

My kitchen is my happy place.

I like to eat. A LOT. I love to cook.  There may or may not be bacon involved much of the time. There is definitely wine involved most of the time. I should also mention my resident underfoot lurker, designated bacon radar, and faithful beggar assistant.


I’ve organized my culinary adventures into categories below. Getting hungry? Click on a link, browse delicious recipes, and start cooking!

The New 52





Main Dishes




Everything Else

(If the recipe isn’t included in the post, a link to it is!)

I’m a proud contributor for Kitchen Daily and AOL Lifestyle.

Got a recipe I should try? Send it to


  1. I love, love, LOVE this page! It is book marked on my homepage because I use so many of your recipes!! I used to spend hours trying to remember which post a certain recipe was on and although the effort was ALWAYS worth it, this is so much easier!!! Thanks so much!!

  2. This page is awesome! You have so many recipes to choose from, I love it. Would you perhaps consider posting a recipe for a good American Baked Cheesecake (as its known in South Africa) as I have yet to find a decent recipe for it over here!

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