Bliss Bits- January 2021

Happy new year, friends! I suspect we are breathing a collective sigh of relief that 2020 is behind us, while anxiously crossing fingers (and toes) that the new year will be better. Frankly, 2021 is off to a bumpy start over here, for far-away relatives, friends, and our immediate little family bubble.  Covid-19 caught up to us and we spent much of last month trying to get through it! But, as is true with most days, there were plenty of glistening moments of joy tucked in between fevers, medication, and a serious Netflix binge. A goal of mine this year is to be more regular in sharing those blissful bits, because in the almost 10 years I’ve been sharing on this site, I’ve learned that seeking out the good stuff makes it come into focus (instead of fading into the background). It makes the whole crazy thing called life a little easier. I hope it makes you smile, too! Cheers to the year ahead!

We rang in the new year as a family with sparklers…at 7:30PM. #kids

Glitter glue and jewels. I’m feeling it!


I turned 46 on the second day of the year! John took me cross-country skiing. 

It was gorgeous and so fun!

Our dogs have become best buddies. 

John always wins at greeting cards!

Birthday flowers brightening gray days! 

We bought a cabin! Stay tuned. Here’s the view on the way to it. 

Cabin sunset through the aspens. 

Little bugs riding behind the snowmobile! 

My hard worker helped dad drop off our Christmas tree. All I can think of is bugs. 

Quincy ate some buttons. Sigh. 

Oden started soccer! The jury is still out. 

I have been enjoying getting creative in our remodeled kitchen! Yum. 

A gift from our nanny. She knows me well. 

Morrison is not really a baby anymore. Sniff, sniff. 

Love note discovery from Dad!

A view of the ski runs while walking in my ‘hood.

The most delicious superfood salad at Sammy’s Bistro! 

My heart. 

Cabin life is casual, guys. 

A boy’s dream come true! I’m talking about John…

PS You can only access the cabin via snowmobile in wintertime. 

Did anyone else do a January reset/detox situation? This made me laugh!

Nature kids. I love how much time they spend outdoors, all year long.

When the joy is worth the clean-up. 

The haircut that makes him look like a teenager. 

Frosty aspens. 

Oden and John have been ice skating on local ponds. Oden is getting better!

Blue light glasses. Do they really work?

Cool morning fog! 

Bigfoot or Morrison?

Both boys had mild Covid symptoms. Mama was down for two solid weeks. 

Oden decorated my bedside with magazine clippings. 

Dogs always know. 

One good thing about the boys having Covid, too, is that they could snuggle me!

I watched history happen from bed. 

We were humbled by thoughtful friends and neighbors who fed and loved us!

After two weeks isolated in the guest room bed, I was so into this view!

Oden’s preschool class made us a care package and dropped off pumpkin bread. 

We are getting excited about LOVE day over here. Hi, Cholula. 

Snow cocoa! When it’s too hot, we add a little snow. 

John somehow avoided Covid! He was so happy to get out after playing nurse.

New year, organized closet. Sort of. 

Charred poblano and corn chowder prep!

This guy has been helping me in the kitchen for almost 3 years! 


Oden is exploring self portraits. I love the sun!

Big daddies in the backyard. 

We finally got some snow!

Lazy angel. 

View from my first mini hike after being sick. My lungs need love.

Oden went to a fun sledding birthday party. He tried a Ding Dong for the first time!

Unexpected breakfast in bed.

We made homemade pizzas! Delicious. 

Oden’s little Christmas tree is now a Valentine’s tree.


Optimistic for the year ahead. What are your goals? 

I love this so much. Scatter sunshine. Give much. 

You know. Just the usual bliss. 

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