Happy “Something on a Stick” Day!

Confession: I’m a sucker for a corn dog.

I just LOVE them. Even a not-so-great corn dog is still pretty fabulous- and while I think they are delicious, I know there’s more to my love affair than that. I’ve tried the little stick-less corn dog nuggets- it’s just not the same. There’s something about the stick– easy to hold, fun to eat. My favorite part is that almost-burned batter bit that you have to nibble right off of the stick. All of a sudden, I’m a kid again.

When I was growing up, special occasions called for a batch of my grandmother’s City Chicken. I’m pretty sure there was no chicken involved (I think it was veal)– a simple seasoned flour coating, pan-fried on the stove. My memories are less about the flavor (yum!) and more about the experience of choosing the perfect piece and munching it right off of the skewer. It was fun and special at the same time- and I loved it.

I’ve experimented a tad with food on a stick, with an Asian chicken satay or a caprese salad skewer. But I had no idea there was an entire day set aside to celebrate stick food until a reader named Shaye contacted me. Shaye is a single mother, blogging from Milwaukee, who clearly loves food as much as I do (and has an adorable dog named Sheba). When she approached me about contributing a piece about “Something on a Stick” Day, I was delighted. Read on to see the creative ideas she presents!



Unique Foods you can Serve on a Stick

Lately, I’ve been brainstorming new types of recipes to try. When I discovered that March 28th is “Something on a Stick” Day, my creative gears started turning. I’m excited to try some innovate foods that are served on a stick – it’s a fun and easy way to present a meal. My first thought was an old staple: the corn dog. There’s nothing like some classic fair food, but I want to try something more unique and daring. In my search, I’ve uncovered some truly fantastic recipes.

Snack on a Stick


Snacking gets way more fun and inventive when you add a stick. You can do something as simple as skewering a bunch of your favorite fruits to make fruit salad on a stick. Alternatively, you can add convenience to a more complicated snack by serving it on a stick. I found this really neat recipe for Panini pops that looks like a winner. I love how versatile it is, since you can add almost anything to the Panini filling. It could be a great option for vegetarians, or for any kind of meat lover. Plus, it looks super quick and easy, which makes it a good choice for snack time or a quick lunch.

Hearty Meal

With classics like the corn dog, it’s easy to assume that only snack foods can be served on a stick. However, I’ve found a lot of recipes for hearty, substantial meals that are prepared on skewers. If you like to grill, you can thread almost any meat or vegetable onto a skewer and grill it to perfection. It’s a great low-maintenance way to prepare a fancy dinner. For example, I found this spicy recipe for flank steak on a stick. There’s nothing like a juicy steak, and I particularly love the herbal flavor of basil. Put those things on a stick, and voila – perfection.

Satisfy your Sweet Tooth


After eating a delicious meal of flank steak on a stick, it’s nice to have an equally marvelous dessert. When it comes to satisfying the stick theme, popsicles are definitely not the only option. So far, my favorite sweet stick recipe is the classic cake pop. I love the texture of cake, especially the individuality of a cupcake – without the mess of eating one. I think the best thing about cake pops is how easy they are to serve. You can go crazy with themes for your cake pops, which make them great for parties of all types. For example, I found these mega-cute looking pops on the Shari’s Berries website.  I wouldn’t classify myself as a baker so these could help me get around that issue. The zoo animal pops are just so cute!

Comfort Food


Serving food on a stick makes a meal easy and lighthearted. With that sort of atmosphere, it’s a great idea to prepare comfort foods. Although there are many exotic options for skewered food, consider trying something a little closer to home. For instance, I came across this recipe for fried chicken on a stick. I like this one, since it can be served as an appetizer or a main course. Plus, it cuts down on the mess of eating fried chicken, so you can enjoy an old favorite with less cleanup.

If I learned anything from researching recipes on a stick, it’s that you can adapt almost any food into a fantastic skewered meal. The stick theme is a great opportunity to exercise your cooking creativity. In the end, you’ll have delicious, inventive, and easy-to-eat delights.


Thank you for these fun ideas, Shaye! I’ve got an idea for a skewered dessert that I’ll share soon. In the meantime, have you experimented with fun food on a stick? Today’s the day to share it!

Hungry? Check out the FOOD BLISS link above!

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*images in this post were pulled from the recipe links referenced.



  1. I love this! The grilled cheese hearts would be fun to try. Confession: I have never had an actual corn dog! I feel like I’m missing out!

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