travel bliss


A strong, innate desire to rove or travel about; a strong longing for wandering.

Yes. I have that.


Savoring every last bit of Yucatan sand between my toes before hurricane evacuation. Giggling the weekend away with beloved girlfriends. Watching the miles tick by on the odometer on the open road, a 13-foot cottage on wheels named Betty as my temporary home.


While I feel beyond lucky to live in a destination town, I get the itch to travel often. There’s too much world out there still to see!


Here’s a collection of some of my blissful adventuresaway from home. 

A confession. (My love affair with Durango, Colorado)

Meet Betty the Trailer.

The Big Island. 

I forgot to hula-hoop: Central Coast trip.

Summertime preview (I love camping!).

Krispy Kreme and moonshine: a trip to North Carolina.

Bozeman boots to fill.

Anniversary bubbles (more Betty!).

A love letter to Bozeman.

15,173 photos.

So, you don’t like camping.

Montana done right (parts one and two).

Love in a hurricane: Tulum and Punta Allen.

Philly, Princeton, and the Jersey Shore.

Haviland Lake, 4 years ago.

California coast.

Bear Valley cabin.

San Fran and the Outside Lands Festival.

Point Reyes Station and Bolinas, California.

How to have the best camping trip EVER.

Portland, Oregon Coast, Cali Redwoods, and WINE.

A road trip MIS-adventure.

Carmel-by-the-Sea. And me.

A sombrero in Ouray, Colorado.

A piece of my heart lives in Charleston.

Honeymoon in French Polynesia: One, Two, Three, Four, Five.

Big Survey Plantation, South Carolina.

California road trip. 

Durango for Christmas.

The Rose Bowl and a birthday!

Utah/Colorado Road Trip: One, Two, Three.

Surprising Amanda in California!

A Bay Area bear hug: One, Two.

Our “stay-cation” in a yurt.

The Adventure Tent

An overnight at Sundance Resort.

Five perfect days in Montana (Bozeman and Cliff Lake).

An ill-fated overnight camp trip in Logan Canyon.

Girls’ trip to San Jose del Cabo.

Camping in Utah’s Uintah Mountain Range in the fall.

Fall in New England: family time, fall colors, and FOOD.

Anniversary trip to the Pacific Northwest: Seattle, Orcas Island

Turkey Day Trip: Point Reyes

Flashback: Kauai 2009

Flashback: Glacier National Park, Summer 2011

Return to Kauai

A blissful week in San Jose del Cabo and the East Cape.

Four days camping in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

A birthday bash in Bear Valley, California.

A quick trip to Kernville, California to celebrate a 90th birthday!

Another fall camping excursion in the Uintahs.

A week in San Jose del Cabo, just one month after Hurricane Odile.

Eastern Tour 2014: West Coast Intro, Connecticut and NYC, Princeton and Philadelphia

A Charleston farewell to 2014 (and my 30s).

A Friend-iversary celebration in Ojai, California with the Fab Five.

First campout and mountain biking of 2015 in Utah’s east desert.

Desert dream: San Rafael Swell

Farm Fest 2015: A weekend at Four Elements Farm in SLO, CA

Two nights with the Grateful Dead in Santa Clara, California

A mellow Independence Day weekend in Durango, Colorado.

Return to Haviland Lake with The Fam!

Summer of Betty 2001 (Part One)

Idaho Road Trip: Red Elephant Ranch, Camping in the Sawtooths, Camping on the Salmon

A family trip to San Jose del Cabo

A Lowcountry Thanksgiving in and around Charleston

Baby Oden’s First Camping Trip: Vernal, Utah

One Weekend, Two Colorado Weddings

Eastern Tour de Oden

Willie the Camper’s maiden voyage to Colorado

Return to Aspen Campground (with Willie!)

Our third trip to Kauai (this time, with a baby)!

A mommy-son vacation to California to visit Auntie Amanda

Mother’s Day 2017, camping at Haviland Lake

Family fun in Carlsbad, California

Camping at Smith and Morehouse Reservoir

Morrow Bay, August 2018

A-Frame Cabin Anniversary in Heber, Utah

Cabin Dreams Near Capitol Reef National Park


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