All who wander…

I just got lost in my own blog.

Next month, The Usual Bliss has its first birthday! Hello, cake and champagne! I’ve written 324 posts since last April, keeping an intentional eye out for the joys in my life and laughing at my misadventures along the way. I have so much to be thankful for.

At first, I thought I’d write a travel blog. We seem to hit the road or hop a plane pretty often, and my desire was to take all of the (many, many) photos from those trips and write something to go along with it. The Usual Bliss is full of posts about far-off places.

And I just went through them all.

I recently made some changes to the appearance of The Usual Bliss. Photos along the right side click through to some of my favorite posts. I consolidated all of my culinary adventures into one semi-organized list on my FOOD BLISS page.  And I just did the same with every trip I’ve recounted for you during the last year. Whew!

Need a winter-won’t-end escape? Click around on the TRAVEL BUG page. You’ll find everything: camping adventures, outrunning a hurricane, insane sunsets, breathtaking views. There’s a lot of playtime in the mountains, near the ocean, on lakes, in rivers. Fun in big cities or in the middle of nowhere. John’s beard goes through various stages (my favorites were in Tulum). I think I counted TEN different states represented in those posts, plus a couple of other countries.


For someone who loves firmly planted roots, I sure wander a lot.

Wanna wander with me?



  1. Isn’t it fun to go through and reorganize everything? I love that you’ve made some new categories – all of these pictures have GIVEN me the travel bug! Maybe Chris and I can find some adventure this weekend…

  2. Nothing wrong with wandering and a little wanderlust:) Loving the changes – Congrats on Your 1 Year Blogging Anniversary too – HOW EXCITING – CELEBRATE Indeed!!! Happy Friday – Happy Weekend

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