Here comes SUMMER.

I have grown to love the change in seasons. What a joyous occasion the first day of summer has become! I’ve pondered things I anticipated in spring (here) and again in fall (here). Summer is short in the mountains of Park City, so every day has to count. Here’s what I’ll be doing this season…

Playing barefoot in the grass.

IMG_3690 IMG_3507

Growing more things in our garden, like spinach, carrots, and strawberries!

P1070163 P1000681 P1070171

Making batches of homemade ice cream (like this!) and popsicles.


Wandering the farmers market and Park Silly Sunday booths.


Finishing a printed collection of recipes for gifts!

Eating creative salads and lots of tacos, al fresco.

IMG_2257 IMG_5553 IMG_5613 IMG_5513

Drinking homemade rosemary-ginger lemonade (recipe here).

P1020549 P1020555

Reading the last couple of books to meet my Life List challenge!

Walking under the shady aspens and pines on my favorite trails.

IMG_4509 IMG_5034 IMG_5036

Wearing sundresses and flip flops. All. The. Time.

Working on a new creative writing project.

Welcoming my crazy natural curls. No hairdryer in summer!


Traveling to a cabin in Bear Valley in July to celebrate a dear friend’s 40th birthday!

Anticipating booming summer thunderstorms.

IMG_3167 IMG_4999 IMG_4897

Creating delicious things with in-season produce!


Exploring campgrounds near home, like this one. #bettyforever

P1100310 P1010500 P1070370

Celebrating our two-week tomato season before the first freeze (which happened in September last year!).

IMG_4206IMG_5053 IMG_4031 IMG_5060

Enjoying a few of Red Butte Garden’s outdoor concerts. This year: John Hiat/Taj Mahal, Santana(!), Gary Clark, Jr., and the Tedeschi Trucks Band.

IMG_4967 P1070963

Smelling freshly cut grass on Saturday mornings.

Watching the Tour de France in July!

P1000289 IMG_4378

Challenging myself to learn something new- a sport, a skill, a kitchen technique.

Cherishing my hot hubby, sweet pup, and dear friends (near and far).


Practicing patience, understanding, faith, and gratitude for whatever comes my way.

IMG_3349 IMG_4453 IMG_5926 IMG_5147

What are your favorite things about summertime?

One year ago: A summer solstice weekend with my folks.


  1. I love summer breezes, walking around after a late dinner in the cozy heat and last rays of sun at nearly ten o’clock on our fantastic long days in Oregon, movies in the park, laughter, smiles, and the many different shades of sunglasses worn by the city’s inhabitants… And running without gloves and a hat!

  2. What a lovely summer list! Question: how are you printing your recipe collection? One of the items on my 30-before-30 list is to organize all of the recipes I have. I’d love to know if you’re using any particular site or store to complete this.

    1. You know, I was going to make books using Shutterfly, importing a few photos for each recipe and typing out the how-to. So far it’s been a lot of work and I’m only halfway through appetizers. Hmmm.

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