Mom Life: Toddler Edition

The photographs I take daily tell a story. I look at the pre-Oden photos and it’s fascinating to see what filled my days: writing, hiking, cooking, traveling, time with friends, and spoiling Cholula. I still adore and enjoy all of those things, but you wouldn’t know it based on my camera roll! It’s all Oden, all the time. Life with a toddler can move at a snail’s pace or have you wondering where on Earth that kid’s energy comes from. It will make you beam with pride at the smallest 19-month-old accomplishment, try every last ounce of patience in your body, make you laugh from the deepest part of your stomach, make you cry an unavoidable tear of frustration while hiding in the pantry for a moment…often within a 3-hour period of time. My meals often consist of whatever Oden didn’t finish and my coffee is hardly ever hot by the time I get a chance to drink it. But every day, Oden surprises me with his sense of humor, desire for independence, ability to pick up a new skill by watching me once or twice, and sneaky little huggy-snugs. Oh, he makes my heart melt with those hugs and he just started puckering up his little lips for kisses. I knew parenthood would be hard, but it’s a whole other universe than my pre-baby life. There are times when I seriously question if I’m cut out for the job, especially when my exhaustion is high and my patience is low and I disappoint myself. But I remember how hard we worked to become parents, how much I prayed for Oden, and how strongly I felt that this was what I was meant to do. And then I take a breath, wipe the applesauce off of the dog and the wall and my ear, swig that cold coffee, and sing a song to my little tornado. It might look boring to some and might terrify others, but there’s nothing else I’d rather be than Oden’s mama.

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