Sunrise Baked Eggs.

The sun was just starting to illuminate the sky as John kissed me goodbye.


Knowing he’d be on a plane shortly, I couldn’t fall back asleep. So I did what I rarely do- I rose at daybreak, rubbing sleepy eyes as I sipped coffee in my robe. I might not be a morning person by nature, but I do love morning time- the quiet and calm, the slow pace as the Earth awakens in stages, the unique light that changes by the minute. The sun changes everything.

P1130064 P1130067 P1130065

I was surprised to be hungry by 8am. After a peek in the fridge, I decided to try a recipe for baked eggs that I’d saved a while back. A sleepy Cholula proved she’s in her teen years; she likes to sleep in even more than I do!


When cooking for one, there’s nothing better than a flavorful, fresh recipe that comes together easily. These eggs were just that! Following the process of the original recipe, I pulled whatever sounded interesting out of the fridge: onion, tomato, fresh thyme, soft goat cheese, even some deli turkey.

P1130068 P1130071

I buttered the bottom of my new little casserole dish and poured a splash of cream into it. Next, I cracked two eggs into the dish, and crumbled the turkey and onion over them.

P1130070 P1130072 P1130073 P1130074

After adding the tomato and thyme, I seasoned the eggs with salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper for heat. I topped off the eggs with crumbles of the goat cheese.

P1130075 P1130076 P1130078 P1130079

The sweet little casserole dish went into the oven for 10 minutes while the day truly began. I watched the sun light the walls in ways I don’t usually see, warming cozy corners of the living room.

P1130080 P1130081 P1130085 P1130082 P1130086

By the time my eggs were done, the sky had gone from a dusky gray tinged with orange to true blue. It was going to be a stunning day, and the beautiful breakfast in front of me fit right into the setting. It was almost too pretty to eat, with the bubbling cheese and pops of color from the tomatoes and thyme.

IMG_9220 P1130088 P1130089

My breakfast was simply delicious! The cream and cheese kept the eggs moist, and I loved the fresh tomato. The “extras” in these eggs can vary based on what you have on hand, and it was a piece of cake to throw together- perfect for those of us whose brains don’t function very well in the morning! The portion was ideal for one person and I felt fueled to start a productive day.


Isn’t that what breakfast is supposed to do?

Sunrise Baked Eggs (recipe/process via In the Little Red House)

You’ll need:

  • 2 eggs
  • splash of cream
  • Your choice of fresh herbs, chopped vegetables, breakfast protein, and cheese
  • Salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Butter a small casserole dish or ramekin. Crack the eggs into it. Sprinkle your “extras” over the eggs. Season as desired. Bake for 15-20 minutes, depending on how you like your eggs. Enjoy while watching the sun rise (or set- breakfast for dinner is always delicious!). Yum!

Hungry for more? Check out the FOOD BLISS link above!

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  1. This was delicious and so quick to throw together using what I had in the fridge (this time was leftover swiss chard, onions, and extra sharp white cheddar). Thank you for sharing!

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