Kids Live Here (3)

A common response from other parents when I tell them our boys are 4 years old and 16 months is, “OH. You’re really IN it.” Oh, yes. We are in it deep!

This chapter of life involves a lot of entertaining, a lot of picking up messes, a lot of repeating things. We are working on table manners and respect. We are working on using “soft hands.” We are working on sharing. Morrison literally copies everything that Oden does, which is both adorable and kind of scary. Someone is always screaming and something is usually broken and nothing is ever the way I planned it. Some days, being flexible is easier than others. Quarantine adds a nice little layer of stir-craziness that leads to naked dance parties right before bath time or couch forts that stay up for days. This chapter means letting my inner control freak take a vacation and get messy with the boys. I like compiling these photos, the little pieces of evidence that little growing humans are in charge. Kids live here! I hope I’ll look back and say, “Wow. We were really IN it…” with a smile on my face. Love this circus of mine!

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  1. I love the mom juice next to the kid juice. A wild day when the clothes end up on the ceiling fan too – ha! I remember helping to raise my nephews and the one thing that still sticks out is the picking up of toys and socks. Be Safe and Take Care 🙂

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