An A-Frame Anniversary

Last fall, John and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. I think about the two people who said “I do!” on that day in late October, so excited to start our lives together but so naive as to what it would be like. So many sparkly milestones have happened in the years since our wedding day: we created two incredible children, lived in and loved two beautiful homes, took memorable trips near and far with family and friends (remember when that was allowed?). Of course, that’s not to suggest that there haven’t been seemingly unbearable times during our years as husband and wife: infertility, miscarriages, postpartum depression, addiction and recovery. Big stuff. Life is about all of the highest highs and lowest lows, plus all of the little giggles and tantrums and blissful bits in between. It’s been a roller coaster with no shortage of LOVE to keep the train rolling.

To celebrate, we decided to give ourselves the gift of sleeping in. At the time, Oden was 3 (awake before the sun) and Morrison was just 10 months old (waking at night and still nursing). Two mornings without little blonde alarm clocks, as cute as they may be, seemed like a dream! We rented a perfect A-frame cabin not too far from home and spent two days simply being together.

I have to pause to give this cabin in Heber, the Aframe Haus, its due praise. It’s heavenly. The owner, Kara, grew up visiting the cabin, which was her grandparents’. She renovated it with such love and a beautiful eye for design while keeping the charming, family vibe alive. I adored each detail in each room and made about 1,000 mental additions to my “future cabin” wish list.

With no agenda, we just made ourselves comfortable (hello, slippers) and relaxed. John played guitar while I read a book or worked near the wood-burning stove. John took a snooze while I took a daytime bath. Decadent! We made a tasty happy hour snack spread and then took advantage of the lovely kitchen and made a delicious supper. The cozy loft upstairs held the only television, which I appreciated- it was quite nice not to have the TV front and center downstairs. But it was glorious to snuggle in on the cozy couch after dinner and watch Netflix before climbing into bed with a book. Ahhhhhh.

Somewhere during the night, when John’s snoring interrupted my anniversary sleep goals, I snuck downstairs to one of the guest rooms. I have no idea when I woke up, but it was quiet and comfortable and the morning light felt magical.  After coffee and eggs, we decided to head out and explore this area near Heber. We found our way up some snowy roads with incredible views before heading into Midway for lunch at Lola’s. We spent a little more time at the A-frame before heading back toward Midway for our one scheduled item- massages at a spa at a nearby resort. Afterward, we decided to try the Spin Café in Heber. Yum! It was unexpectedly healthy and tasty…but that didn’t stop us from sampling their gelato bar!

Our second night at the cabin mimicked the first- Netflix nestled under a blanket before dozing off two pages into my book. We took our time in the morning, taking the long way home around through another town called Kamas. We didn’t know then that our Thanksgiving trip to South Carolina to introduce Morrison to family and visit dear friends would be canceled, due to back surgery and recovery for John. We couldn’t know that “time together” would be ALL we would be doing the following spring, thanks to a virus with the same name as a beer. But we DID know that we felt rested, a bit more connected, and ever-grateful for our life together.

Check out the Aframe Haus!

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