Kauai (Third Installment)

I can’t believe it’s already been a couple of weeks since we returned from Kauai! When we got home, we had to regroup from a red-eye flight and a 4-hour time difference jet lag situation, transferred Oden from the co-sleeper next to me into his own room and crib, and hosted two of my dear friends for a long weekend 3 days after our return from the island. Throw in a dash of sleep training and let’s just say it’s been a bit of a (sleepy) whirlwind week.

I won’t try to hide the fact that I had major anxiety about flying for a total of 8 hours with a baby, especially when teeth #4, #5, and #6 decided to show up in the days before we left. Thankfully, and probably because the flights were at night, Oden slept for the majority of the trip. His parents had Mai Tais.

img_2150 img_2154 img_2148

This would be my third visit to the Garden Island, but a baby makes it a very different experience! We arrived at night and, after juggling baby gear and luggage and rental car shuttles and wet diapers and a confused infant, made our way to Princeville and the Hanalei Bay Resort where my parents were already settled into our condo. We’ve stayed at this resort once before as a family. The condos are spacious and the grounds are immaculate, and it shares a beach with the St. Regis. The view from the condos is simply gorgeous, a fact we wouldn’t be reminded of until morning. We were up before the rooster started crowing!

img_2157 img_2163 img_2164 img_2167

A few days prior to the trip, my mom had discovered a rental shop that provided us a high chair, an exersaucer, and a stroller for the week. So smart (and it saved us from having to lug the stroller during our travels)! Unfortunately, my brother wasn’t able to join us on this trip and John, even though he was there, was neck-deep in work for a lot of the time. It made for some fabulous Grandma and Grandpa time for Oden (and his mama)! This time, there would be no luau (too late for Oden) and no cruise along the Na Pali coast (no babies on the boat). We blissfully had no itinerary for the week, other than to hit a few beaches, do a little shopping, eat tasty food, enjoy the pools…oh, and hit the Mai Tai Monday event. People around the pool probably thought my Dad worked as a resort host or something, the way he moseyed around and chatted with people. I love that my parents make friends wherever they go! We sipped drinks and swam with Oden and soaked in the afternoon of sunshine.

img_2239 img_2319 img_2370 img_2183 img_2220 img_2201 img_2197 img_2210 img_2226 img_2195

The weather was pretty rainy at some points during the week, but my parents brought along some old home movies they recently converted to DVD. They provided hours of entertainment, and we played plenty of card games on the lanai and enjoyed multiple rainbows. I adore the various vibrant flowers that are growing everywhere you look. A rainy day in Kauai is still a day in Kauai, you know what I mean? No wonder the grounds are so lush and gorgeous with all of that precipitation!

img_2177 img_2185img_2323 img_2465img_2268img_2315img_2631 img_2380img_9160img_2364 img_2311img_2536

During our pockets of sun, we swam in the little pool close to our condo, strolled up the hill to the big tropical pool, walked down to the beach for some sand, surf, and people-watching. We headed into Hanalei a couple of times for food- super-tasty burgers at Bubba’s, a bustling and fun fish taco dinner at Hanalei Gourmet, a lunch and a brunch with cocktails and football at Kalypso. The resort’s bar, which wasn’t open during our last visit, had yummy appetizers and entertainment, too!

img_2179 img_2183img_2242 img_2233 img_2234 img_2299 img_2300 img_2305img_2537img_2246 img_2188 img_2251 img_2258img_2267 img_2229img_2269img_2276 img_2272img_2278 img_2279 img_5662img_2367 img_2372 img_2382img_2404 img_2446 img_2454 img_2593 img_2594 img_2596 img_2615 img_2624 img_2625 img_2186 img_2626 img_2627 img_2628 img_2632 img_2636 img_5694img_2597img_2598img_2434img_2374img_2376img_2378img_2393

The resort’s own beach is very beautiful and there’s a little “bus stop” at the bottom of the hill from which you can call a golf cart to come pick you up. So convenient with a baby! We also had a picnic at the lovely Haena Beach Park, where we popped our umbrella right before a little rainstorm hit. We ate delicious tacos and burritos from Pat’s Taqueria, a taco truck parked at Hanalei Bay. Pat’s an old friend from Durango and it was great to see him doing so well! The tacos were so good and after lunch, we lounged under some palm trees and swam in the bay.

img_2408 img_2415 img_2419 img_2420 img_2423 img_2261 img_2262 img_2616img_2488 img_2489 img_2498 img_2502 img_2511 img_2513 img_2524 img_2527 img_2531img_2587img_5691img_2332 img_2331 img_2337 img_2344 img_2350 img_2360

Oden did pretty well at the beach, though it’s a whole new ballgame with a baby than it used to be. Gone are my days of sunbathing- it’s all about shade for Oden! The diaper bag is overflowing with swim diapers and beach-safe toys and burp cloths and extra bottles (just in case) and his little rashguard and sun hat and baby-safe sunscreen… just more stuff to bring to be sure the baby bases are covered! He passed out with a bottle to the sound of the waves on multiple occasions and dipped his toes in the Pacific Ocean more than once. He was a little nervous about the sound and motion of the waves at first, but got more comfortable as the week went on. I will cherish these memories.

img_2280 img_2283 img_2293 img_2294 img_2298img_2514

We love vacationing in a condo with my family because we can have a kitchen! We can make our own meals and drinks and it sure saves a lot of money not to go out for every meal. The resort has BBQs available by the pool, so we planned a couple of dinners at home. We made marinated chicken skewers one night, and on another, we picked up a beautiful piece of fish at the fish market in Hanalei and had a scrumptious local feast.

img_2467 img_2468 img_2479 img_2480

A trip like this always ends before you want it to. When our week was over, we had to check out of the resort by 10am and our flights weren’t until the evening. We had a full day to kill, so after brunch, we headed to Anini Beach. Anini’s water is crystal blue and it’s a shallow beach which makes it kid-friendly. There’s also a reef not far from shore that makes it popular for snorkelers. My smart mom had picked up beach towels at a yard sale for $1 each (since we didn’t have the resort towels to use!) and we set up camp for the day. We took turns napping, eating and drinking whatever leftovers we had in our portable cooler, swimming and snorkeling. John went out far enough to have a peaceful encounter with a sea turtle, and we watched kite-surfers doing their tricks.

img_2634img_2643 img_2647 img_2653 img_2665 img_2660 img_2656

We said goodbye to my parents, whose flight was earlier than ours, knowing we’ll see them in the next few weeks (they can’t stay away from Oden!). John and I took our time leaving Anini, rinsed off the sand as best we could, and did a little shopping in Hanalei before making our way toward the airport. We stopped to check out the Kilauea Lighthouse on the way. The flight home didn’t leave until 9pm, which again seemed to work in our favor- Oden slept for the majority of the trip (though his mama did not).

img_2641 img_2682 img_9179 img_9177img_2686

We got home to Utah early on a Monday, dazed and weary from the long trip, time difference, and change of scenery. Cholula could hardly contain herself with joy when we walked in (the best “welcome home” ever!). Within the week, the first dusting of snow would land on the fall-hued hillsides across the valley from our home, Oden’s 7th tooth would make its appearance, and my old friends would fill the guest room. The transition to reality is never easy after a vacation, but there’s something about time spent in Kauai that makes it even harder. I’ve said it before and it was proven again on this trip- Kauai is magical!


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