A Lowcountry Thanksgiving

We are no strangers to the Charleston area, thanks to our dear friends Ali and Bright. We visit them often and have developed friendships with so many fun people in that great city. It’s been four years, however, since we visited Big Survey Plantation with John’s brother’s family. When they invited us to join them there for Thanksgiving, we jumped at the chance. We extended our trip and spent a whole week full of gratitude for friends and family in the lowcountry.

We landed in Charleston late Sunday night and spent the next two days with Bright and Ali, their twin boys (Ben and Henry), and Chief (their floppy dog who is also part goat and cat). We packed plenty into our time with them: a rooftop sunset cocktail party in the Battery with some close friends who also were visiting town, a dinner with old friends who used to live in Utah (complete with a donut skewer for dessert!), beautiful walks in 70-degree weather along the quiet streets of Mount Pleasant, and steamed oyster-shucking on Shem Creek. But first, breakfast with biscuits!

IMG_2862 IMG_2900IMG_2874 IMG_2878 IMG_2880 P1230476 IMG_2882P1230478 IMG_2886 IMG_2888IMG_2890IMG_2891IMG_2892P1230481P1230482IMG_2894IMG_2898P1230483IMG_2910IMG_2903IMG_2906P1230484P1230489P1230486P1230492IMG_2909IMG_2950

John got out on the water near Isle of Palms with Bright for a day of fishing while Ali and I went to lunch at Obstinate Daughter and did some baby/maternity shopping. We snuck in a glorious pedicure (John, too!) before meeting yet another crew of fun friends for drinks at the new Spectator Hotel’s bar. Not only is the hotel positively stunning (designed by our uber-talented friend, Jenny Keenan), but the bartender made me scrumptious craft mocktails! Instead of the usual boring combo of juices I get when I ask for a fun non-alcoholic drink, he made me drinks with spiced pear flavors or beet juice or cucumbers and fresh herbs. YUM. After an extended happy hour, ten of us made our way to a rowdy dinner and a few of us landed back at Bright and Ali’s. We did the “swing the ring” game to guess Baby Howe’s gender, and the results were evenly split. Boy or girl? It remains a mystery!

IMG_2873IMG_2871IMG_2872IMG_2948IMG_2912 IMG_2914 IMG_2915 IMG_2919 IMG_2916 IMG_2921 IMG_2923 IMG_2931 IMG_2942

We hit the road on Wednesday, heading west toward the ACE Basin and Big Survey Plantation to meet John’s brother, Nat, and his awesome family- Mimi, Mackenzie, Henry, and Perry. John stopped at a gun shop for hunting ammunition on the way, which happened to be next to a Krispy Kreme donut shop with the “Hot Now” sign ablaze in the window. A donut (or two) made the pre-Thanksgiving traffic a little more bearable and we arrived at the house in time for a tasty pasta dinner and catch-up time in front of the ever-present roaring fire. So cozy! I woke up to the glorious view from our bedroom window that I remembered from four years ago.

IMG_2954 IMG_2953 P1230495P1230497P1230499P1230498P1230500P1230505P1230506

For Mr. Turkey’s big day, all 7 of us piled into a car and headed to another family property called Cain Hoy to spend the holiday with Mimi’s parents and extended family. Before the feast, the whole crew met near a field for a morning of dove hunting. Camo for everyone! I met person after person, cousins and sisters and nieces and nephews and parents. Some of us split off into smaller groups, positioning ourselves in various blinds to wait for the doves to show themselves. I followed John and Nat, and my first experience with dove hunting told me that it involves a lot of chatting and waiting around. No birds appeared, but it was a beautiful day to be outdoors in the South!

IMG_2955 P1230508 P1230507 P1230510 P1230514 P1230515 P1230518 P1230519 P1230520 IMG_2959 P1230517

We gave up on the hunt and drove over to the big house. Cain Hoy is a beautiful plantation that dates back to the 1930s with ancient live oaks draped with southern moss dotting the grounds. A big crew of kids and adults were playing football on the lawn while others chatted in Adirondack chairs in the shade. Off to the side, multiple picnic tables were set up end to end, forming one long dining table. Not one but THREE turkey fryers were sizzling away, full of what would be our delectable lunch feast. I snuck over to the carving table “for a photo” (my cover for sneaking a taste of freshly sliced turkey)– YUM. One end of the extra-long picnic table was the serving zone, full of turkey, some of the best dressing I’ve had, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, a big salad, classic can-shaped cranberry sauce, and biscuits. We joined about 25 family members at the table- what a lovely setting for a holiday meal! I told myself to go small, knowing my belly simply doesn’t have room these days for a big plate. No luck. I even made room for some Red Velvet cupcake for dessert!

IMG_2962 P1230521 P1230522 P1230523 P1230524 P1230525 P1230526 IMG_2969 P1230528 P1230530 IMG_2972 P1230533 P1230534 P1230536 P1230538 IMG_2974P1230541

After lunch, John and I walked off some of the feast with Nat, Mimi, and Mimi’s father, Peter. We moseyed to a dock and enjoyed the ridiculously balmy coastal weather, pausing for a baby bump photo or two. When we returned, we said our goodbyes and headed back toward Big Survey for resting, a nap for this Mama, Turkey Day football on TV, and movies with the family. The day was different than the Thanksgivings that I’m used to with my family, but it was super fun with fantastic food and company. Thanksgiving 2015 was in the books!

P1230542 P1230544 P1230546 P1230547 P1230550 IMG_2986P1230556IMG_2980

Though the big event was over, we still had a couple of days left at Big Survey to enjoy time with family. John’s sister, Frances, drove in from North Carolina and we filled the rest of our time to the brim with activity! There were long walks on the property, visits with the resident (very happy) horses, backgammon and other rowdier games by the fire, and the best BBQ rib dinner I’ve had in ages (served with a side of competitive brother-to-brother ping pong games).

P1230564 P1230566 P1230573 P1230558 P1230559 P1230653 P1230655 P1230658 P1230664 P1230666 P1230667 IMG_3091 IMG_3099P1230601 P1230602 P1230604 IMG_3142P1230606 P1230608 P1230613 P1230610 P1230620 IMG_3026P1230616 P1230622

When in South Carolina, bird hunting seems to be a given. There were multiple quail hunts with well-trained dogs. I joined one crew out in the woods, following our guide closely and watching the dogs do what they clearly love to do. We had a fabulous picnic in the trees with butter-fried quail and all sorts of sides. We were also spoiled with in-home massages by a local masseuse one evening. I snuck in some yoga and a few naps and John was sweet enough to rub my swollen feet at night, tired from so much fun.

P1230575 P1230576 P1230577 P1230579 P1230580 P1230581 IMG_3003 IMG_3004P1230582 P1230583 P1230585 P1230589 P1230593 P1230594 P1230596 IMG_3009P1230598 P1230599P1230626P1230632IMG_2994

For me, our last day at Big Survey was the most fun because of our activities. First, we hopped into a couple of canoes and paddled our way through a maze of swampy trees. I felt like I was on a real-life version of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. I’m used to animals like porcupines and elk and fox and moose around at home, but this is the land of alligators and deadly water moccasins and wild boars- no joke! I’m happy to report that no snakes fell from the trees into our boat and disappointed to say that we saw zero alligators. But what fun to feel immersed in the lowcountry land, laughing with family and trying something new!

P1230633 P1230634 P1230635 IMG_3052P1230636 P1230637 P1230638 IMG_3053P1230639 P1230642 IMG_3069P1230643 P1230645 IMG_3060P1230647 P1230650 P1230651IMG_3068

The second activity of the day was the sporting clay course. I had so much fun shooting skeet on this course four years ago and had to defend my title of “Better than John.” The ATV ride felt a little bumpier with my own giant bump this time, but the course was just as entertaining as I remembered. Not only did I beat John’s score, but after being neck-and-neck with Henry for most of the time, I ended up the day’s winner! I’ll thank the baby for my lucky shooting.

IMG_3104 P1230669 P1230670 P1230671 P1230680 P1230675 P1230681 P1230684 P1230686 IMG_3134 P1230689 P1230694 P1230697

After one last big family breakfast, we spent Sunday packing. We hugged Frances goodbye and John and I posed for a couple of photos, hoping to get a good one for our Christmas card. I didn’t envy Nat’s family’s 12-hour drive back to Princeton, New Jersey. It’s always sad to say goodbye to family that lives far away; the next time we would see everyone, we’d be parents. Whoa.

IMG_3143P1230704 P1230707 P1230724 P1230710 P1230717 P1230725 P1230502

John and I headed back to Charleston, this time to check in as guests at the Spectator after lunch on King Street. After a week full of activity and with a serious cold threatening my health, it was bliss to stretch out in a quiet hotel room and rest for a bit. The hotel is simply stunning, modern and classy with gorgeous details. We even had a little balcony with a view!

IMG_3150 IMG_3151 P1230728 P1230730 IMG_3154 P1230734 P1230739 P1230742

We met Bright and Ali in the bar for early drinks (more tasty mocktails!) before hugs goodbye. We always make such amazing memories with these friends, wherever we are! Then, after the only bad meal I’ve ever had in Charleston, John and I redeemed the evening by stopping at the Hagen Daaz shop on the corner near the hotel. The sweet lady behind the counter gave me my cup of pralines and cream for free (“it’s for the baby”) and I ended the evening in my plush hotel robe eating ice cream in bed with a football game on TV. At that particular moment, nothing could have been more heavenly.

IMG_3157 IMG_3170 IMG_3173 IMG_3161 IMG_3163

Our last little indulgence before hopping on a plane back to Utah was the complimentary room service breakfast: mini quiches, a yogurt parfait, and Callie’s biscuits! We’d had Callie’s biscuits in Charleston on my birthday in January, and it was fun to end this trip with a classic taste of the South.

IMG_3177 P1230743 P1230746 P1230747

The night before, Ali had mentioned that she thought my baby bump had visibly grown over the week. At the airport, I looked down and I agreed with her. I’d learn in a couple of days that I’d gained 10 pounds in the last 6 weeks- definitely a healthy baby in there! (I’m sure the week full of delicious Southern food contributed, too!)


I tried to doze on the plane, my body’s attempt to fight that cold feeling futile. It was another memory-filled trip to the Charleston area, full of friends, family, food, laughter, new experiences, and a lot of fun…but it was time to be home, snuzzle Cholula, rest and recuperate, and kickstart Christmas!

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