Flashback: Girls’ Trip to Mexico.

There’s no doubt that fall is in the air in Park City.

Two nights ago, I was awakened by the sound of an elk bugling in our backyard. It wasn’t a full bugle (maybe an adolescent practicing for the big event?), but it confirmed that the seasons are indeed changing. As if the reddening hillside wasn’t an obvious hint.


As we cling to the last days of summer, I took a look back at my favorite beach escapes. Last year, I wrote about beachy daydreams on Kate’s blog. I told you about the time John’s marriage proposal was trumped by Hurricane Irene. There have been multiple trips to Hawaii with my family, like this one, to the Big Island. Amanda and I spent a dreamy weekend in Carmel-by-the-Sea. And in March of 2011, I joined my other BFF, Sarah, her sister, Rachel, and her dear friend, Megan, on a girls’ trip to Mexico to celebrate Sarah’s upcoming nuptials.

The year prior, Sarah and I had gotten completely rained out on a trip to Todos Santos. But not this time. The weather was impeccable. The beach was postcard-perfect. Did I mention the humpback whales, swimming and showing off- with their babies?

100_0195 100_0204 100_0303100_0467

We spent our days lounging by the pool, sipping tropical cocktails and browsing magazines. We had mimosa lunches at the beach club and swam in its infinity pool. We squealed like children as we splashed down a slip-n-slide onto the beach. We explored the ocean in sea kayaks or on paddleboards. We got sunburned and tipsy and laughed a lot.

100_0189 100_0193 100_0453 100_0637 100_0188 IMG_4966 IMG_4982100_0212 100_0216 100_0218 100_0219 100_0242 100_0243 100_0252 100_0260 100_0275 100_0278 100_0279 100_0282 100_0288 100_0293 100_0301 100_0307 100_0323 100_0326 100_0345 100_0349 IMG_3109 IMG_3119 IMG_3127 IMG_3135 IMG_3142 IMG_3181 IMG_3169 100_0315 IMG_3191 IMG_3238 IMG_3242 IMG_3220 IMG_3226

In the evenings, we made homemade salsa and cooked dinners together. We dined al fresco in the palapa, by candlelight. We sipped bourbon around the firepit and laughed even more.

IMG_5160 IMG_3255 IMG_3203 IMG_3105 100_0239

The weekend was a rainbow of color, vibrant hues everywhere: heavy oranges weighing down tree limbs; hibiscus and bougainvillea tucked into rocks; the deep blue of the sea competing with the sky; and the sunsets. Oh, the sunsets.

100_0207 100_0217 100_0262 100_0269 100_0325 100_0386 100_0393 100_0395 100_0471 IMG_3151 100_0419 100_0397 100_0359

On our last evening together, we went into San Jose del Cabo for dinner at the Tropicana. There were margaritas and chile rellenos, a live band and at least 10 attempts at a decent group photo. And…you guessed it… even more laughing.

100_0373 100_0360 100_0362 IMG_3269 IMG_3270 IMG_3294

This time of year, and in the frozen months to come, I cherish these sun-filled memories. That “do-over” trip to Mexico with Sarah and the girls remains one of the best beach vacations I can remember! And really, you guys- there was a BABY WHALE.


Escape with me again, on my TRAVEL BLISS page!

(Pssst: If you’re interested in renting the beach house we stayed in, contact me at amber@theusualbliss.com!)


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