Long-term love affair.

My love affair with Montana continues.

Last week, John and I packed up the truck and headed toward what has become a familiar town to us. Our first visit to Bozeman was in the summer of 2010, before we were even dating, to see the new life our dear friends from Utah were making there. After that incredible Fourth of July, we just kept going back. When Spencer’s job moved them to the Bay Area, we were there for the last hurrah in Bozeman (ouch). And when Nancy mentioned that they were planning a return trip to Montana for Spencer’s 40th birthday, it was a no-brainer: we had to be there, too.

We didn’t tell Spencer.

We’ve grown to love the drive to Bozeman- the strange drive-through wildlife park, the first glimpse of the Tetons, a mandatory stop at the Mountain Market and Deli for the world’s best sandwiches. I daydream of ranch life near Ennis and John scopes out the popular fishing zones along the river.

drive2Collage driveCollageIMG_4780 IMG_4779 deliCollageIMG_4541

Fun was had from the moment that we rolled in around happy hour on Friday night and yelled, “Surprise!” (Friday also happened to be Nancy’s birthday, so cupcakes were necessary!) There was a birthday party full of old friends on Saturday night. There was a perfect little happy hour on our friends’ back porch. There was a fantastic day of fishing on the Madison River for the boys.

P1000498 IMG_20130705_225006_683juliasCollage IMG_4619IMG_4567 PrepCollage prep2CollagepartyCollage P1000519 party4Collage P1000512 P1000509 party3Collage party2CollagemorningCollage IMG_4602 corrineCollage IMG_4559 IMG_4558IMG_4598 P1000557 P1000558 IMG_20130707_160016_439 IMG_20130707_160235_295 IMG_20130708_143813_259

We visited our favorite shops and restaurants- The Root, Plonk, the Cat Eye Café, Blackbird- the sites of so many laughter-filled moments over the last few years.

cateye2Collage cateyeCollage PlonkCollageIMG_20130707_205145_652blackbirdCollage blackbird3Collage IMG_4605 IMG_4604 blackbird2Collage IMG_4589bozemanCollage

For the last two nights of our trip, John and I joined the Christiansen clan at Wilderness Edge Resort on Cliff Lake, about two hours from Bozeman. We stayed in adorable, rustic, side-by-side cabins along a creek. Sydney met friends and caught crawdads. Cholula met a friend and wrestled with him daily. The rest of us enjoyed the sunshine, afternoon rainstorms, plenty of adult beverages, fabulous meals, lawn sports, and each other’s company.

IMG_4629 stormCollage IMG_4633cabins4CollageP1000581 IMG_4681 cabinsCollage cabins2Collage cabin5Collage IMG_4640 IMG_4641 IMG_4647cabins3Collage P1000601cabin6Collage IMG_20130708_181157_176IMG_4699 IMG_4655 IMG_4651 strollCollage stroll2CollageIMG_20130708_192607_447 IMG_20130708_185644_805 P1000594 IMG_4675 IMG_4679 IMG_4680P1000611 fireCollageIMG_4696breakfastCollage IMG_4707 breakfast2Collage

We spent a day on the lake, canoeing and paddle-boarding on the aqua water, even diving in for an invigorating, semi-frigid swim. Our last day in Montana was Spencer’s actual birthday, which we celebrated with a few shots of Patron, some kind of random, magical grilled chicken we named Dirty Birdie, and sweet treats with a candle on top.

lake2Collage canoeCollage IMG_4726 lake4Collage P1000633 pboardCollage P1000648 pboard2Collage P1000654 IMG_20130709_132447_996 IMG_20130709_141904_550 IMG_20130709_142143_936 IMG_20130709_142018_971 IMG_20130709_145259_904 lakeCollage IMG_4669 P1000658lawngamesCollage P1000661 lawngames2Collage IMG_20130709_184545_007 IMG_4743IMG_4764 IMG_4768 P1000670 IMG_20130709_211747_412 IMG_4769 IMG_20130709_225927

On Wednesday, John, Cholula and I reluctantly turned the truck toward home while the Christiansens returned to Bozeman for another 5 days of adventure. It was a beautiful morning as we drove down the dirt road toward the highway, away from those cute little cabins, away from our dear friends.

P1000674 IMG_4781 IMG_4784

It felt too soon to be leaving, but we’d had yet another fantastic visit to one of our favorite places. Add it to the growing pile of Montana memories. No doubt we’ll make more, sometime soon…we can’t seem to stay away.

Montana does that to you. Once you fall in love, it’s forever.


  1. You can see why they call it Big Sky country! So gorgeous. I just love Montana—I’ve spent some time in Glacier NP, Bozeman, and Missoula on various camping trips growing up, but I’d love to get back there and do it all over again. Looks like your trip was rejuvenating in every sense of the word.

  2. Love when you fall in LOVE with a place that keeps calling you back – have a few myself:) Loving your captures – thanks so much for sharing! I cannot believe the 30s will be in myrear view mirror in a very short period of time – time flies. Happy Week:)

  3. Wow!! Sounds like great adventure!! I love all the photos you’ve added! Especially the outdoor ones! The skies and the waters are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!

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