Mexico bliss.

Lessons and realizations during a week in Mexico:

  • 95 degrees is quite bearable, as long as there’s a breeze.
  • One can get impressively sunburned in complete shade.
  • I can quite happily live on some form of taco for many days. However, when given a choice after a week, I’m ready for a slice of pizza.
  • In rural BCS, using your left-turn blinker does not mean you are about to turn left. In fact, it is an indication to the person behind you that they should pass you. #necessaryinformation
  • Lawn sports with cocktails and friends: perfect summer fun in any country.
  • If you let me, I’ll get lost in a book for an entire day.
  • I can converse in Spanish better than I think I can. Tequila helps.
  • Scorpions are absolutely the scariest thing in the desert.
  • The possible presence of sting rays and jellyfish in the ocean will not keep me out of it.
  • Flowers will bloom in the driest and most desolate place.
  • Regardless of how many people are nearby, mosquitos prefer me.
  • The sound of waves crashing works equally well as a sweet lullaby or pleasant alarm clock.
  • Time away from home always makes me love it more.

P1140669 P1140668 P1140666 P1140657 P1140656 P1140676 P1140692 IMG_2105 IMG_2114 IMG_2120 IMG_2092 IMG_2104 IMG_2097

As with any trip, there were unexpected snafus, like the mean little Mexican bug that lived in my tummy for four days. The internet went out for most of the trip, an “issue” that turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. There were mid-day naps and all-day swimming interludes and reading for hours on end under the shade of the palms. There were epic meals of aranchera steak or grilled tuna tacos, enjoyed by candlelight in the palapa. There was a date night that included drinks at a hotel with incredible wall art, the bougainvillea-lined streets of San Jose del Cabo, and lobster burritos that I’ve been dreaming of since our last visit (three years ago).

IMG_2087 IMG_2157 IMG_2161 IMG_2219 P1140720 P1140725 P1140742 P1140813 P1140814 P1140815 P1140817 P1140819 P1140834 P1140836 P1140838 P1140839 P1140840 P1140843 P1140846 P1140848 IMG_2193 IMG_2194 IMG_2195 P1140850 P1140851

There were long walks on the endless, empty beach, John casting his line into the crashing waves. There were margaritas with fresh-squeezed lime juice and big bowls of homemade salsa or guacamole. Most mornings, I woke up before John. I sipped coffee with a book on the balcony or watched the quail family skittering around the arroyo or counted the desert flowers. Then I’d take a wake-up dip in the pool and say good morning to the mama bird guarding her nest in the thatched roof of the palapa.

P1140762P1140767P1140775P1140785P1140791P1140792P1140793P1140795P1140798IMG_2166 IMG_2206 IMG_2209 P1140867 IMG_2177 IMG_2135 P1140677 P1140690 P1140855 P1140868 P1140880 P1140881 P1140884 P1140887 P1140889 P1140891 P1140899 P1140858

Friends joined us for the second half of the week, and they and John had a common goal: to fish. One day, we drove an hour and a half to the “Cabo Riviera” (East Cape), where I devoured a book in a teeny pocket of shade and the gang chased a feisty rooster fish all day (John had him on the line!). It’s a foreign feeling these days to literally have nothing around you but the sights and sounds of nature. When I got warm, I dove into the sea. When I felt drowsy, I closed my eyes and let the waves lull me into a nap. Talk about hitting the reset button.

P1140947 P1140960 P1140961 P1140952 P1140963 P1140965 P1140970 P1140904 P1140905 P1140907 P1140908 P1140915 P1140973 P1140976P1140912P1140979

On my favorite evening, our friends introduced us to the “Baja Fog” and we laughed our way around a croquet course. At dusk, we ventured to a restaurant called Flora Farms. Believe the hype: it was an unexpected desert oasis serving incredible cocktails (hibiscus martinis and carrot juice margaritas), farm-fresh and local deliciousness (kale and spicy sausage wood-fired pizza and chilled squid ink pasta with tuna ceviche), and DONUTS. I simply cannot wait to return and am so glad our friends were there to experience it with us!

P1140919 P1140921 P1140925 P1140985 P1140983 P1140927 P1140932IMG_2223 P1140930 P1140931 IMG_2225 P1140937 P1140939 P1140943 P1140945

By the morning of our departure, I had acquired A LOT of mosquito bites, a sneaky little sunburn, a new respect for the habanero pepper, and probably a few freckles I didn’t have when we got to Mexico. It was time to head north, to our home and garden and squiggly Cholula, who would squeal with joy when we walked in the door. But as we bid adieu to our friends and enjoyed one last plate of scrumptious chilaquiles at the beach club, listening to the birds chattering and the waves rolling in, we felt sad to leave.

P1140879 P1140873 P1140822 P1140828 P1140832 P1140829 P1140820 P1140705 P1140678 P1140696 IMG_2214 IMG_2236 IMG_2180

Sometimes what makes a place so special is knowing your time there is limited. I got on the plane knowing that I’d enjoyed our week in Mexico fully, and we’ve already chatted about when we’ll be back.

Next time, we’ll go to Flora Farms more than once. Lo magnifico.


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  1. OMG that trip looked perfect!! You have such a glow in all your pictures. So beautiful. Oh and your food pics had my mouth watering. YUMMMMM. Are you using a new camera? Such great quality..

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