Love in the Pacific Northwest (2).

(Warning: This post has a thousand photos. I’m not sorry.)

The first two days of our anniversary trip in Seattle were awesome. But our destination all along had been a quaint little boathouse we’d only seen online, set on the waterfront of Orcas Island. We marveled at our bluebird day and drove north toward our ferry landing in Anacortes.

P1110553 P1110555

I’d never been on a big ferry like this, one where you drive your car onto it and leave it below deck. I’m fascinated by the island lifestyle that involves a ferry ride to get home. It’s an hour of forced downtime, with gorgeous views on every side. Some people (the regulars) peeled through stacks of mail or set up shop in a corner with a ball of yarn and knitting needles. John and I soaked in the sunshine on deck before escaping the brisk wind with cheap beer and wine inside. The whale watch had begun.

P1110557 P1110558 P1110560 P1110562 P1110563 P1110566 P1110570 P1110571 IMG_7225 P1110579 IMG_7227 P1110580 P1110583

We drove off of the ferry onto a lovely island with rolling hills, farmland pasture, the happiest cows, and dense patches of forest. We turned down a narrow road at a sign for Beach Haven Resort, then at a moss-covered pole with a sign that read, “Fischer.” And there it was– our home for the next two days.

P1110592 P1110594 P1110606 P1110600 P1110595 P1110596 P1110602 P1110605

The owner, Mike, explained that the cabin used to be a boathouse for a resort but had been in his family for over 50 years. He’d spent a few years renovating it, using local reclaimed materials. As he gave us the tour, his pride in his work was obvious and appropriate. I was blown away by the perfect details: a stone doorknob; wood planked walls, driftwood furniture, sea glass colors, and an incredibly efficient use of space. It was absolutely love at first sight.

P1110689 P1110607 P1110609 P1110610 P1110619 P1110612 P1110611 P1110621 P1110617 P1110623 P1110626 P1110680

Mike left us a thoughtful welcome note on the chalkboard, a bottle of wine, and a bowl full of s’mores fixings before wishing us a happy visit. Before the sun set in fluorescent pink fashion, we popped over to the market for happy hour snacks and clinked glasses to the boathouse. It was October 27, our actual anniversary.

P1110608 P1110628 P1110634 P1110640 P1110629 P1110630 P1110631 P1110641

We ventured into the small town of Eastsound for a cozy dinner at the New Leaf Café. With Canada literally within view, we started with poutine: French fries topped with brown gravy and cheese curds. Dinner was delicious and the people-watching was intriguing, but we saved room for dessert at the boathouse. Our anniversary ended with Tollhouse cookies, red wine, and John beating me at card games. Heaven.

P1110642 P1110643 P1110644 P1110645 IMG_7239 IMG_7238P1110646 P1110648 P1110650 P1110652 P1110653 P1110654 P1110655 P1110659 P1110658

We listened to the wind and the waves all night, tucked into our warm bed. Morning light revealed more of the rustic details of this enchanting cottage, like the salvaged doors and the rainbow ceiling. Despite the chill, I sipped my coffee on the deck, listening to the waves and desperately searching for whales. John worked his magic in the tiny kitchen before we headed out to explore.

P1110660 P1110662 P1110664 P1110666 P1110667 P1110668 P1110669 P1110671 P1110684 P1110672 P1110674 P1110675 P1110681 P1110686 P1110688 IMG_7245P1110691 P1110693 IMG_7256 IMG_7251 P1110696 P1110677 P1110678 P1110697 P1110698 P1110699 P1110700 P1110703

We headed for Moran State Park, which was established in the ‘20s. I could imagine big parties being held almost 100 years ago at the public picnic areas we found, complete with wood-fired stoves.

P1110705 P1110802 P1110713 P1110716 P1110717 P1110718 P1110719 P1110720 P1110721 P1110722

We pulled over to check out Cascade Falls, and it felt like we were lost in Middle Earth. Mossy branches filtered the sunlight. Mushrooms everywhere reminded us that this clear weather was unusual. The forest echoed with the muted roar of the falls, or our occasional gleeful shouts. Our path was covered in ancient tree roots and freshly fallen pine needles, dotted with tiny pinecones. And the trees. Oh, the majestic trees, reaching high toward the sun.

P1110743 P1110727 P1110730 P1110723 P1110725 P1110728 P1110731 P1110733 P1110736 P1110737 P1110739 IMG_7258 IMG_7266 IMG_7257 IMG_7288 P1110740 P1110741 P1110742 P1110748 P1110752 IMG_7281 IMG_7287 P1110753 P1110755 IMG_7286

We continued our journey toward Mount Constitution, the highest point on Orcas Island at 2,399 feet above sea level. At the top, there’s a medieval stone structure that serves as an observation tower that was built in 1936. The view was spectacular, Mount Baker in the distance. We stayed as long as we could before we were blown out by whipping winds.

P1110761 P1110762 P1110766 P1110767 P1110768 P1110769 P1110771 P1110772 P1110774 P1110776 P1110777 P1110781 IMG_7290 P1110784 P1110786 P1110790 

We stopped again at “Little Summit” to catch the view from another angle before heading down the hill for a tasty lunch in adorable Eastsound.

P1110789 P1110792 P1110796 P1110798 IMG_7300P1110804 P1110806 P1110807 P1110809 P1110810 P1110811 P1110812IMG_7279

We had a vision for our last supper on Orcas Island: using the smoker to prepare a pile of fresh seafood, a big green salad, and crusty bread. We made a stop at the market for supplies and made it back to the boathouse in time for happy hour and another glorious sunset. John started on the clams and salmon while I drew on the chalkboard, combed the beach for souvenirs, and set a beautiful table.

IMG_7293P1110820 P1110821 P1110822 P1110823 P1110816 P1110818 P1110819 IMG_7345 IMG_7333 P1110603 P1110825 P1110829 P1110824 P1110828 P1110834 P1110837 P1110838 P1110839 P1110847 P1110848 P1110853 P1110846 P1110841 P1110845 P1110858 P1110868 P1110869

As usual, Chef Hubby made a ridiculously delicious meal.  We devoured clams in a white wine bacon broth and smoked salmon, talking about our favorite parts of the trip. Mine was happening right then.

P1110870 P1110871 P1110872 P1110874 P1110877 P1110879 P1110878 P1110881 P1110882

We couldn’t leave the boathouse without snuggling around the firepit, roasting marshmallows into s’mores. John beat me at cards again that night, but it was still a perfect day.

P1110865 P1110866 P1110888 IMG_7312 P1110894 P1110902

The sea was calm when we awoke. I spied a lone bird on a rock, watching the sunrise with me. John met the neighbor, a crusty man named Dave with a twinkle in his eye and a dog named Phoebe. He helped him move his boat, which had been swept down the beach by a recent storm, before we enjoyed our last breakfast at the boathouse.

P1110906 P1110907 P1110912 P1110914IMG_7352 IMG_7329

The ferry ride back to the mainland was bittersweet. It was gorgeous, the bright blue sky and deep blue see on all sides, but our trip was over. It was more than we’d hoped it would be. My cabin/cottage dreams have been rekindled (I even sketched out the layout of the boathouse). My desired for simple living is renewed. I guess, if I really tried to think of some, there were a couple of tiny let-downs. We hadn’t seen even one whale, and the wind made sea kayaking around the island impossible…which just means we’ll have to come back. And we will.

P1110916 P1110918 P1110924 P1110927 P1110926 P1110929 P1110934

We flew over Mount Baker on the plane ride home, a close-up view after seeing it in the distance all week. My carry-on bag was weighed down by the beach stones I toted home, memories of our first year as a married couple.

P1110936 IMG_7390 IMG_7298

Happy anniversary to us. Here’s to many more.

(At the boathouse.)

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  1. Has it been a year already?! Wow! Looks like a beautiful time – I’m not sorry you posted all the pics, either. 🙂 Congrats to you and John!

  2. I just moved to the Salt Lake City area from Seattle. The Pacific NW is amazing! But I am loving Utah! Thanks for sharing your pics.

  3. Looks like an unbelievably gorgeous trip! I want to spend some more time in the Pacific Northwest so badly…I’m thinking a 2014 trip is a must!

  4. Hey you were in my hood! Next time you’ll have to check out Vancouver! I also recommend Tofino, BC too! You can ski and surf in one day 😉

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