My Happy Place on Chestnut Mocha.

Now that the warm weather is truly behind us, I realize it won’t be until springtime that we have another rendezvous with our sweet Betty.

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There’s a forced togetherness in such a tiny space that leaves us content. Whether it’s the actual time we spend in her or the places she allows us to explore, every moment with Betty has become a cherished memory– and a major chapter in the “John + Amber” relationship book could have her name as its title.

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Betty is featured over on Chestnut Mocha today! Katie and Ben have begun a fabulous series called “My Happy Place” where people share the spot that makes them feel most complete. So far, I’ve loved reading about secret beaches, desert dreams, quirky boutiques… even a hilltop with a view. I’m so intrigued by the unique places where people feel joy. It’s a treat to have our home away from home included in this series today.

Check it out by clicking here!

What’s YOUR happy place? Do you have more than one? Share with me!

For more about Betty, go here or here. Swoon.

To check out our travels, go here


  1. I stumbled across your blog while looking for another “happy place” and enjoyed your post about Cliff Lake. Like you, we just upgraded ourselves from tent camping to a pop up camper in hopes of a better night’s sleep in bear country (we’ve had multiple encounters)! Not as much personality as Betty but we are so excited for next summer! We are campground snobs however and are constantly searching for dispersed sites where we can relax and a gigantic antisocial dog can stretch his legs and we don’t have to listen to air conditioners running and kids screaming. Sounds like we’re the antisocial ones! Our favorite go-to spot is the Boulder River near Big Timber, MT which is only about an hour and half away. There are several great spots to choose from – all right on the river which lulls us to sleep at night (and drowns out the bear sounds)!

    1. Marni, congrats on your pop up trailer! So fun. Once we have kids, I’m afraid that sweet Betty might be too small… We have really lucked out with camp spots over these few years. There’s nothing worse than hearing a generator all night! If you like camping in Montana, visit Cliff and Wade Lakes. I think they are about an hour or so outside of Island Park but in Montana- gorgeous. Thanks for reading!

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