A Bear Valley Birthday Bash.

It’s not an easy drive from Park City, Utah to Bear Valley, California.

Yes, the majority of the trip is a stick-straight highway allowing speeds of up to 80 MPH, but aside from the interesting Bonneville Salt Flats, the scenery is non-existent through most of western Utah and all of Nevada. It’s flat. It’s HOT (topping out at 109 degrees). It’s boring. It’s LONG. By the time we got to Reno, our destination for the night, I’d reached my road trip limit: I was practically scratching at the windows to get out of the car.

IMG_3171 IMG_3184 P1150682 P1150683

One night in Reno was supposed to be a quick, forgettable stop-over to make the 12+ hour drive a little easier. The only good thing I’d heard about the town was that on their honeymoon (42 years ago), my parents won enough money to purchase the land on which my childhood home would be built. I’d found a new hotel with a great rate, with no smoking or gaming, but right on the strip. We were pleasantly surprised that the brand-new Whitney Peak Hotel focuses on an outdoor lifestyle, with funky modern décor, a 7,000 square foot bouldering gym, and the tallest climbing wall in the world (167 feet, right over the “Reno” sign).

P1150690 P1150691 P1150693 P1150714 P1150716 P1150720 P1150721 IMG_3237

We dined at Heritage, the hotel restaurant, whose menu is based on local, in-season ingredients. I adored the s’mores dessert: homemade marshmallows, roasted at the table, with dark chocolate and cinnamon grahams. (I also loved my gin/sage/St. Germain cocktail.)

IMG_3196 P1150696 P1150697 P1150700 IMG_3220 P1150702 IMG_3201

We hit the casino at the El Dorado across the street just as the classic “Reno” sign was lighting up. Between slots and blackjack, we cashed in about $230 up overall! (My parents are proud.) After a good night’s sleep and a spectacular breakfast (homemade tamales!), we continued our trek to Bear Valley with unexpected happy memories of Reno.

IMG_3221 P1150703 IMG_3204 IMG_3213 IMG_3207 IMG_3211P1150709 P1150708 P1150711 IMG_3231 IMG_3232 IMG_3233

Not long after leaving Reno, the drive changes dramatically. Instead of a flat, straight highway, we gained significant altitude on a super-curvy, one-lane road that winds through giant trees into the Sierras. It was no longer scorching hot; in fact, we drove through a bit of chilly rain. A charming cabin awaited us, a rental we’d share with friends for the long weekend.

P1150722 P1150725 P1150728 P1150731 P1150733 P1150735 P1150737 P1150738 P1150739 P1150740 P1150741 IMG_3298 P1150743 P1150750 P1150751 P1150752 P1150753 IMG_3293

The purpose of the trip was to join our dear friends, Ryan and Caroline, for Caroline’s 40th birthday. Between travelers like us and local friends, the partying group was somewhere near 65 people. The weekend had a loose itinerary, which included lots of lake time, standup paddleboard hockey, an impressive BBQ on the beach, a tennis tournament, a soccer game in honor of the World Cup, and a pizza party to watch the World Cup finals. SO MUCH FUN.

P1150759 P1150754 P1150760 P1150762 P1150763 P1150765 P1150767 P1150770 P1150776 P1150779 P1150780 P1150781 P1150787 P1150788 P1150789 P1150791 P1150792 P1150793 P1150795 P1150799 P1150809 P1150814 P1150810 IMG_3271 IMG_3253P1150827P1150831P1150832P1150833P1150853 P1150855 IMG_3292 P1150856 P1150863 P1150866

The highlight of the weekend was Caroline’s birthday celebration, which felt like a summertime outdoor festival with a scrumptious taco bar and cupcakes. We danced under the full moon to a live band until the wee hours of the morning. Ryan and Caroline know how to throw a good party- the whole weekend was a blast.

P1150825 P1150837 P1150839 P1150841 P1150846 P1150850 IMG_3285

By the time Monday rolled around, we were all tuckered out. Two back-to-back 40th birthday trips had caught up with us. We bid adieu to our loved ones and the sweet little cabin. A long, hot drive awaited us, which we filled by recounting the fun times and great friends (old and new) from the weekend and listening to Pete Townshend’s book-on-tape. A spectacular sunset made our night in Elko, Nevada a little more bearable (so hot!) and a squiggling, squealing dog awaited us in Park City.

IMG_3290 IMG_3301 P1150871 P1150872 P1150875IMG_3309 IMG_3310 IMG_3312

As always, time away from home makes me adore it that much more…but I can’t quite believe that the full moon would have looked quite so lovely here as it did over the shimmering water of Bear Lake.


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  1. Amazing re-cap of an incredible weekend with incredible people in an incredible place – thanks for the creative post!! xoxo

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