In and out.

Thirty-six hours ago, a squiggly Cholula welcomed us home from a week-long trip to Mexico. This morning (after a tornado of a day full of work, unpacking, laundry, plant-watering, re-packing, car-washing, etc.), we’re hopping in the car and road-tripping to Durango.

P1140762 IMG_2212 IMG_2098 IMG_2121 IMG_2162

This time of year, after hunkering down all winter, I get the itch to move. And move we do. I’m wanting to wallow in the beautiful memories of the last week, but needing to look forward to the trip ahead (and the one that comes right after it- eek). I’m taking deep breaths and working on being present and grateful for each particular moment. This is the good stuff.

Just FYI: For the next seven hours, my “moment” will include a 51-pound, crooked-eared dog in my lap.

hit the road

Off we go. Stay tuned for a proper Mexico Bliss recap and a double-whammy Bliss Bits!

One year ago: Garden progress and plants in my bathtub.

More of my travels can be found here.


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