A long, lazy weekend in Durango.

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I spent the week of the Fourth of July in Durango, Colorado- my home away from home. Cholula and I road-tripped across the hot desert from one lovely mountain town to the other. I was able to soak up some Sarah time while she’s in the U.S. (along with her sweet hubby and Little Miss Macy). Cholula got her fill of Grandma’s lush, park-like yard and swimming pond. There was a big group dinner with good friends and a lot of laughs, a small and intimate happy hour with good conversation and one of my closest friends, and a long overdue catch-up session over a beautiful meat-and-cheese board.

IMG_0220 IMG_0225 IMG_0229 IMG_0233 IMG_0278 IMG_0317 IMG_0287 IMG_0288 IMG_0289 P1210848 P1210849 IMG_0243 P1210852 P1210853 P1210851 IMG_0331 IMG_0338_2

On Independence Day, we took Cholula on her first boat ride on Vallecito Lake. In 2002, a massive wildfire torched the area, but it’s rebounded beautifully. The water was glassy and perfect, the hillsides were vibrant and green, and I think Cholula liked being a boat dog!

IMG_0254 IMG_0255 P1210860 P1210862 IMG_0259 IMG_0275 IMG_0271 P1210865 P1210869

Afterward, we spent time in the gorgeous yard, sipping drinks in chairs my grandfather made while Dad grilled kebabs and corn. Delish! Later, I joined Sarah’s family for the downtown parade; there’s nothing like a small town parade on the Fourth of July. When the rain started, we ducked into a restaurant and met up with Nancy’s family. We munched some snacks and watched the kids splash around in the rain. We ended the evening with some tasty desserts for Nancy’s July 5th birthday, and I didn’t even regret missing the fireworks.

IMG_0283 IMG_0292 P1210847 P1210870 P1210874 P1210875 P1210871 P1210878IMG_0298 P1210883 IMG_0300 IMG_0305 P1210893 P1210891 P1210897 IMG_0310

I really don’t like traveling without John, and Cholula misses him, too. The drive through the rain felt extra long on the way home, even though I saw my favorite herd of buffalo. But it sure is hard to beat mellow summer days with your family and dearest loved ones in a special place like Durango.

IMG_0322 IMG_0343 IMG_0340 IMG_0346

Next time, John’s coming with me!

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