Love in the Pacific Northwest (1).

When our anniversary was approaching, John and I knew we wanted to commemorate our first year of wedded bliss with a special get-away. But where? Years ago, while searching for lodging in Washington during one of our massive road trips, we came across a little waterfront boathouse on Orcas Island and were immediately enchanted. It wasn’t right for that trip, but we decided that it was the perfect, romantic place to celebrate Year #1.

Not surprisingly, availability was limited. We decided to spend a couple of nights in Seattle before heading to the San Juan Islands for the next two nights. City + beach cottage = all kinds of happy. And that’s what we did.

IMG_7112 P1110389 P1110392 IMG_7114 P1110396

We landed at the W in downtown Seattle just before dinnertime, so we spiffed up and walked to the Capital Grille. We sat at the bar, sipped delicious wine, and dined on sweet oysters, a burger (with egg), and a perfectly prepared petite filet. The very best part of the meal was the creamiest cheesecake I’d ever tasted, with a charred sugar top. We ended the night at our hotel’s disco-ball bar with a nightcap.P1110401 P1110406 P1110404 P1110410 P1110409 P1110408 IMG_7122

Saturday began with coffee, mini donuts, a fab chaise lounge, and a view of the city. We played tourist all day long, strolling underneath cobalt-blue trunked trees to a fantastic breakfast at Lola. We sipped mimosas at the lovely Dahlia Lounge. We explored the Public Market, where John had a custom leather belt made on the spot. It was a sensory overload of vibrant colors, unique street performers, all sorts of glorious fresh fish, produce, and flowers. Oh, the flowers!

P1110416 P1110411 P1110412 IMG_7125 P1110413 P1110421 IMG_7128 P1110430 P1110431 P1110432 P1110434 P1110435 P1110436 P1110438 P1110439 IMG_7146 IMG_7145 P1110442 P1110443 P1110444 IMG_7148 P1110450 P1110458 P1110457 P1110459 P1110460 P1110461 P1110469 P1110470 P1110471 P1110472 P1110474 IMG_7152 IMG_7153 IMG_7154 IMG_7151 IMG_7169 IMG_7174 IMG_7161 P1110473

Oh. And we ate more donuts. I love you, maple bacon dreamboat.

IMG_7158 P1110478 IMG_7157 IMG_7163

We couldn’t pass up the giant ferris wheel. We had a gondola to ourselves, and the views of the city and sea were spectacular! Afterward, we dropped in to the Diller Room, an old bar with something of an industrial feel. It was once part of a big hotel (long gone) and I’m pretty sure it was haunted– appropriate for the week of Halloween.

P1110483 P1110480 P1110485 IMG_7164 IMG_7167 P1110488 P1110492 P1110498 P1110500 P1110506 P1110502 P1110507 P1110510

Dinner on Saturday night was a greatly anticipated visit to Local 360. We’d stumbled upon it for lunch on another trip to Seattle and fell in love. Everything they serve, including alcohol, is from within 360 miles of the restaurant. It’s got a cozy/urban feel, with dripping candelabras and warm wooden booths. The meal was perfection, and the waitress (also local) was super friendly. For dessert, we tried the PBJ Bonbons: balls of sweet peanut butter, crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, sitting on little dollops of homemade jam, served with milk. Heaven. Instead of a cab, we walked back to the hotel, taking in the city’s night vibe. We sidestepped groups of costumed party-goers, peering into gallery windows and checking out incredible graffiti murals. We slept hard after such a full day.

IMG_7177 IMG_7179 IMG_7182 IMG_7183 IMG_7185 P1110512 P1110513 IMG_7222 P1110515 P1110516 P1110520 P1110528 P1110525 P1110526 P1110530 P1110531 P1110534 IMG_7195 IMG_7193 IMG_7198

We were leaving Seattle for Orcas Island on Sunday, but we packed the morning with the last bit of city fun. We found an incredible breakfast spot called Serious Biscuit, where we sipped strong Seattle coffee upstairs and overlooked a significant bakery operation. I was fascinated by the busy bees below us, each with a specific task: this woman unwrapped slab after slab of butter and set it aside; this woman weighed big lumps of dough and formed each one into a heavy tube shape; this woman used a giant ice-cream scooper to dig out mounds of cookie dough and placed them on a baking sheet; this woman formed perfect pie crusts while this guy filled them with beans and put them in the ovens. And it’s not called Serious Biscuit for nothing. We enjoyed breakfast sandwiches served on biscuits, accompanied by local hot sauce. Mine was covered in fried green tomatoes. OMG.

IMG_7205 P1110535 IMG_7206 P1110538 P1110537 P1110539 P1110540 P1110541 P1110549 P1110544 P1110546 P1110548

After breakfast, we’d reserved enough time to visit one of our favorite places: the Experience Music Project Museum. We wandered around the familiar exhibits: the history of Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix’s time in London, guitars dating back to the 1800s. I snagged a shot of David Bowie’s costume from the Labyrinth for Amanda. We visited the temporary Halloween feature and poked our heads into the SCREAM room (liberating!).

P1110551 IMG_7219 IMG_7220 IMG_7215 IMG_7211 IMG_7213

And then our time in Seattle was done. We grabbed our trusty Starbucks and hit the road, heading north toward Anacortes and our ferry ride that would land us on Orcas Island by happy hour…

IMG_7221 IMG_7223

Our anniversary adventure continues. Stay tuned!

**Wanderlust? Check out the Travel Bliss link above!**


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