Four days in Jackson Hole.

Our four days in Jackson were full: a big crew of old friends (plus some new ones), a birthday celebration for a woman who embodies “fun,” a fabulous fireworks show, hundreds of wildflowers, a couple of alpine hikes, a glorious campsite, and unbelievable views of the majestic Tetons. The trip was the perfect mix of social time and family time, camp vibes and in-town shenanigans.

Betty’s first jaunt of the season started off a little rocky, with a mostly flat tire and a feisty electrical connection. We got on the road a couple of hours later than planned, but made it to our campsite before dusk. As we approached the site (reserved by local friends ahead of time), we were mesmerized by the view. It just kept getting better and better.

P1150366P1150367IMG_2922 IMG_2935_2 IMG_2938 IMG_2939 IMG_2940 IMG_2946 P1150369 P1150377IMG_2954

We spent the first evening with the campsite to ourselves, spending a golden happy hour in a sunlit field and watching Cholula romp around the wildflowers like a wild fox. We  grilled juicy burgers on the campfire and listened to the aspen leaves rustling in the breeze. Have I mentioned that I love camping?

IMG_2955 P1150385 P1150386 P1150393 P1150402 P1150408 P1150409 P1150411 P1150414 P1150382IMG_2966 IMG_2973 IMG_3005 P1150432 P1150443 P1150447 P1150454 P1150465 P1150475 P1150495 IMG_2957 P1150483 P1150521 P1150529

Independence Day should always be spent in a small American town like Jackson. After a lazy cuddle session with Cholula, we sipped coffee in awe of the Tetons for a bit before wandering up the road. Later, we headed into town to meet up with a big group of friends from Utah. The Fourth of July is also our friend Kirsten’s birthday, and we spent the evening celebrating both occasions with dozens of wood-fired pizzas, a scrumptious sit-down dinner followed by ginger cake and strawberry cupcakes, and lots of adult beverages. What a treat to have your birthday end with a huge fireworks display!

IMG_3028 IMG_3042 P1150553 P1150533 P1150534 P1150540 P1150551 P1150555 P1150561 P1150564 P1150565 P1150566 P1150572 P1150571 P1150568 P1150567 P1150580 P1150601

On Saturday, we enjoyed another quiet morning at the campsite. By evening, it would be a rowdy spot, with three pop-up campers, another trailer, and multiple tents joining the fun. We headed back into town so John could join the crew for a bike ride, and I took Cholula on a wildflower tour of Cache Creek. (As always, Cholula wasn’t into a selfie with Mama.)

P1150606 IMG_3082 IMG_3063 P1150608 P1150610 P1150619 P1150624 jacksonhikeCollage IMG_3068 P1150635

As folks started to roll into the campsite, I got a batch of bacon-y baked beans going on the stove and John started on his famous BBQ chicken. We were treated to yet another spectacular sunset, which felt even more special since we got to share it with friends. It was the ideal ending to the weekend. (Well, plus the s’mores around the campfire.)

P1150648 IMG_3085 P1150647 P1150651 P1150652 P1150660 IMG_3091 IMG_3095 IMG_3097 IMG_3107 IMG_3120 P1150668

The morning was slow, thanks to an empty bottle of tequila. Family by family, our friends packed up and headed out, laughing about the weekend. We were some of the last to leave, not quite ready for the fun times to end.

P1150670 P1150671IMG_3048

Just under five hours later, we returned home to find the house cool and the garden still thriving, despite the July heat. With another weeklong trip ahead of us tomorrow, I’m pausing today to be grateful for a wonderful time with friends in Wyoming before thinking about our next adventure.

IMG_3018 photo-6

(But it’s going to be a fun one. Stay tuned.)

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  1. This post is a great way to start my day! Your photos are stunning, especially the panoramas. Looks like a great time was had by all. Cheers, Amber!

  2. Such lovely photos! Your Betty makes me want a cozy trailer of my own so badly. It’s on my “To Buy” list for sometime in the next five years!

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