A rekindled love.

I spent a lot of time with someone special this week. Our relationship has faded in the last year, and it’s gnawed at my heart- so I did something about it. I rolled up my sleeves and dove into the dirty work, as one sometimes must do to salvage a deep love. My efforts paid off. You remember Betty, don’t you?

Betty awning 2

Oh, Betty. Poor, neglected thing. Trust me, we know what a treasure she is. We know how lucky we were to find her. We truly cherish her, but you’d never know it recently. So John and I set aside this weekend to rekindle our love affair with our little cottage-on-wheels. We spent a total of 8 weeks in Betty in 2011, traveling the western United States. I often say that those two months were the “make or break” moment in our relationship: spending that long in a 13-foot trailer could have made us want to kill each other. Instead, we were married the following autumn. You could say Betty played the role of matchmaker.

We are completely out of camping practice (as was evidenced by this camping debacle), but I knew that the first step was to get Betty back into shape. The best thing about traveling in a trailer is that it’s self-sufficient! Loads of laundry were done- sheets, towels, rugs. I dug around the house and garage, cleaning and returning items that live in Betty- French press, pans, headlamps. I washed every interior corner of the trailer, top to bottom, and cleaned every dish and pot and fork.

P1070979 P1070982 P1070996

I became reacquainted with Betty’s quirks, revisited each of her scars. She shows a little wear and tear, but it’s to be expected: she’s 50 years old. I think her “wrinkles” make her beautiful.

P1070997 P1100008 P1100050 P1100052

By the time I was done, Betty was sparkling and I was giddy. It may as well have been our first date.

P1100014 P1100015 P1100019 P1100018 P1100021 P1100022 P1100020 P1100024 P1100026 P1100031 P1100032 P1100030 P1100029 P1100033 P1100034 P1100035 P1100037 P1100039 P1100038 P1100041 P1100043 P1100044 P1100046 P1100048 IMG_6371 IMG_6364

And now, it’s time to figure out our menu, pack up the coolers, unplug, and hit the road to enjoy a crisp fall weekend in Utah’s mountains together…with our beloved Betty.

Stay tuned! 


    1. It happened quickly for us- a bad camping trip, a spontaneous online search for something small. It’s still “camping” in that we mostly cook by campfire and spend our time outside. We just have a cushy bed to sleep in now.

      1. I think it’s a super handy idea. We are mostly attracted to the idea of having a “home” to stay in between seasonal jobs. The off-season/mud season is always a big question mark in terms of where we’ll live/work next, and a camper or RV seems to fit the bill for feeling a little more secure!

    1. Sorry, but you have a 1966 Scotsman Trailer. I have one also and I thought it was a Scotty. Scotty’s do not have a bump out in front on any model. And the wheel wells are different. Look on the internet.

  1. Hi.
    Could you please, please, please tell me the brand of oven with the gas cooktop and rangehood?
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Kerri! Do you mean inside Betty the Trailer? The gas stovetop has an emblem on it that says “Holiday.” There is no oven and I’m not sure if the little aqua hood is the same brand- there’s no indication. Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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