Sweet anticipation.

Last week, I wandered over to the snowy side of our valley for a hike under the pines.

IMG_0667 IMG_0671

In addition to the familiar muted crunch of my footsteps in the fresh snow, I heard something glorious: the chitter-chatter of happy birds in the canopy above me. Their song reminded me that while Old Man Winter continues to make surprise appearances, the sweetness of warm spring days is coming. Here are a few things that I’m eagerly anticipating for the season.

Al fresco dining. Green trails and daily hikes in the sun. The yard coming back to life. The first appearance of the ground squirrels that torture Cholula.

IMG_2627 IMG_2390 P1080510P1080484 P1020484 IMG_2651 IMG_2334 IMG_1766 IMG_1593 P1080365 P1080377

Flowers everywhere– in my home, on the hillside, in my garden. Pedicured toes, warm weather shoes, and a happy reunion with my dresses. Dog diving!

IMG_2918 IMG_1811 IMG_1794 IMG_1428 IMG_1828 IMG_1284 P1010191 P1060329 IMG_2675 P1020519

The first road trip of the season. Camping in Betty!

P1080599 img_0616 IMG_4024 P1010591 P1010593 IMG_6371 P1100310P1010626

Simply, more of life lived outdoors.

P1080509 P1080481 P1080404 P1010273 P1010264 P1080403 IMG_2463 IMG_2350 IMG_1062 IMG_1099 IMG_0783 P1010324

What are you anticipating for springtime? Share with me!

One year ago: The finale from last year’s springtime escape to Southern Utah and Colorado.


  1. Tomatoes from our yard, warm and sweet as they explode like dying stars in our mouths! Frisbee. Hiking. Catching giant moths and lightning bugs at night. Alligators sunning on the shore of our creek. Birds, birds, BIRDS (we are at 132 for our annual count!). Fall is my favorite season, but spring is a close second.

    Love the shadowy ears looking at the varmint. Your pictures are delightful of course. Loving that camera?

    1. I’m SO jealous that tomatoes are ready for you in Spring! We can’t even think about planting until after Father’s Day, and even then, it’s a gamble.
      Alligators. That one word made me realize how different our outdoorsy lives really are!!
      Confession: I haven’t used my camera hardly at all since the last camera-focused post. I need to take a class! Maybe Kauai will be a good practice ground.

      1. Okay. For realz. Get your manual and read it cover to cover, and take all the pictures around your house while you learn. Become one with that hunk of plastic and metal before you get there. You do NOT want to be learning how to use your new camera while in paradise!! You will miss many shots that way. You already have the eye — train your thumbs and fingers to work in tandem. Shooting with your newbie will soon (in a day?) become second nature.

        Don’t wait to take a class. Seize the moment. Happy shooting!

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