Bliss Bits 4/30/2015

Oh, how glorious the warm spring sun feels on my skin today. As I hiked under some newborn aspen leaves and a bright blue sky this morning, I pondered the fact that life is a continual lesson about letting go. Instead of stressing out about the lack of control over various events, I’m doing my best to go with it, be present, and trust the future. Surprise: it feels good. And so we bid adieu to April… Bring it, May!

Here are a few of my happy moments this week!


This is what shows up a week later when your hubby goes to your favorite winery without you. 


Pear martini and steak sammie, please!


I’m cut off from this vintage shop for a while…


This baby pug is named Cozette and she works (on being adorable) at John’s office. 


A culinary history lesson about food in 1956!


Cholula helps me fold laundry. 


I think we’re done with frosted mountaintops for the season. 


Nancy sent me this shot of my favorite Cali poppies!


We call this her “Power Pout.” Life is soooo rough. 


I took a long hike with a fabulous view. Spring has arrived in Park City.


Can you guess what I did with this toasted coconut?


Decent distance on this jump from shore!


John said this was the best tomato soup he’s ever had. I’ll share it soon!


There have been some serious squirrel acrobatics around here lately. 




Pizza and wine: my favorite date night!


This orchid keeps blooming! 


We’re taking Betty on the road tomorrow! Now, if only we knew where…


A year ago, we had a lot more snow.

2013-04-30 15.54.55

Two years ago, Sydney and I were dipping our toes in the Pacific.


Three years ago, we were celebrating the farm life at this heavenly spot.


Four years ago, Zamboni didn’t mind the late season Salt Lake snow. 


And this morning, I hiked under the Utah Olympic Park training hill and this blue sky. 

You know. Just the usual bliss. 

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  1. That Baby Pug’s Face Just Melts My Heart – Oh Such Sweetness 🙂 Love the Pouting Choula too – ha! – a dog’s life is so rough. Nothing better than wine arriving to make your day! Happy Bliss Day – Enjoy 🙂

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