Call me Mama.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after 10 weeks of parenthood, it’s to keep our expectations loose. Oden has no interest in our plans, and if we’re flexible, everything feels a little bit easier. Case in point: Mother’s Day weekend. We had high hopes of taking Betty out for our first camping trip. I could think of no better way to celebrate my first Mother’s Day than to introduce Oden to one of his Mama’s biggest joys in life. But as the weekend approached, the forecast looked grim. At the last minute, we pulled the plug and switched gears, opting to head to Sundance Resort for a cozy weekend in a cabin, instead.

We made the right call. It took forever to pack; babies need a lot of stuff! As we pulled out of the driveway, we marveled at the thunder, lightening, and rain. Camping in an old trailer with no heat, an infant, and an energy-filled dog in bad weather would have been a nightmare! Instead, we had a cute condo cabin to call home for the weekend. We opted for a separate bedroom layout instead of a studio so that Oden could nap or sleep while we had dinner or watched movies in the other room. We stayed in an area new to us, and I loved it!

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Oden had a surprise in store for us. Our 10-week old is an early teether! I couldn’t believe it, but little signs were there: drooling, chewing his hand or blanket incessantly, and unending fussiness. Life with an infant is already pretty challenging, but a teething infant who needs to be held all the time, can’t sleep well or regularly, and has periods of inconsolable screaming from sore gums is a whole different ballgame. Oden’s gift for Mother’s Day was a new level of exhaustion! Despite our poor little fella’s issues, the weekend was lovely. Sundance holds a special place in our hearts! Oden cooperated by sleeping through most mealtimes and we enjoyed dinner out at the Foundry Grill, a killer breakfast the next morning, and even a super-hectic Mother’s Day brunch in the famous Tree Room.

IMG_7634 IMG_7630 IMG_7632 P1240626 P1240628 P1240629IMG_7658 IMG_7660 IMG_7662 P1240688 P1240689 P1240692 IMG_7723 IMG_7718 IMG_7720 P1240691P1240634

The weather rotated between stormy and sunny and squelched some plans, but we were able to get out on a family walk on the closed section of the Alpine Loop. The views of Mount Timpanogos simply can’t be beat!

P1240635P1240636 P1240639 IMG_8079 IMG_8082 P1240641 P1240643 P1240648 P1240651 P1240653 P1240655 P1240657 P1240658 P1240664 P1240659 P1240660 P1240662 P1240665 P1240670 P1240681 P1240683

The rest of the time, we passed our needy little nugget back and forth, watched lacrosse, the Kentucky Derby, and Netflix, and felt thankful that we weren’t camping. There were moments of brilliant sunshine and spring flowers but also chilly rain. If you’re going to be stuck inside with a fussy, teething baby while it storms outside, it might as well be at a cabin in the woods at Sundance!

IMG_7635 IMG_8062 IMG_7715P1240630P1240633 P1240631 IMG_8089 IMG_7668 P1240632

Possibly my favorite half-hour of the whole weekend was spent in a giant bubble bath with a glass of wine. It had been months since this Mama had soaked in a bath or hot tub and it felt completely luxurious!

IMG_7682 IMG_7687

When we got home on Sunday, there were gorgeous flowers and chocolates waiting for me from my folks as well as a beautiful keepsake bracelet with Oden’s birth date from Nancy. Oden gave me some happy time and John captured some of my favorite photos. I look at these pictures of my baby smiling at me and feel so lucky to be his Mama. Moments like those make you forget the tortures of teething…almost!

IMG_7763IMG_7743IMG_7764P1240700 P1240708 P1240723 IMG_0996 P1240715P1240694

I’ve talked before about how difficult it was for me to become a Mommy. As it is with every woman who struggles with infertility, every Mother’s Day that went by was a sad reminder that I wasn’t one yet and might never be. So this day was pretty special to me. Even on the toughest days with Oden when I wish happy hour started at noon, I don’t take motherhood for granted. I’m beyond grateful that I get to be called Mama!


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