Bliss Bits 8/7/2014

Each week, I try to follow my own advice and “stop to smell the roses.” Making and effort to notice the little happy things in my life lets a little bit of optimism filter everything I experience. Even when it’s challenging, life is good. Here’s what made me smile this week!


I love wildflower season. 


It feels like every rock I see resembles a heart. I think it’s a sign.


Amanda sends me photos like this to make me laugh. IT WORKS.


This song makes me think of her! Also, my car needs a bath.


#TBT to when Cholula was hard to distinguish from her stuffed animals.


Just a couple of girls playing with a princess sticker book. 


The rain has made these piney trails almost chilly. Feels like fall!


Not small. MOOSE.


This rainbow was the most vibrant I’ve ever seen, right in our backyard.


We spent an evening celebrating friends’ birthdays on a ranch. 


Did you see these zucchini-cheddar-jalapeno biscuits? There’s pancetta, too!


Picking a bouquet for mama from the yard. #hippiebaby


Kalia’s bouquet.


One year ago, my zucchini was WINNING.


Two years ago, we stopped at the Bonneville Salt Flats en route to Cali


Three years ago, John and I were embarking on what would be a six-week road trip in Betty. Magical.


And today, THIS one decided that rolling in something dead was a fabulous idea. Good thing she’s adorable. 

You know. Just the usual bliss. 

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