Bliss Bits 6/25/2015

How I love long summer days. Each morning, I bring my cup of coffee out to the back patio. The magpies squak at me before flying to the neighbor’s yard and the brave chipmunks only skitter a few feet away, watching me. I leave the door wide open even though flies find their way inside immediately. The cool concrete feels good on my bare feet and I check on the potted herbs on the steps, giving them a drink and maybe even whispering words of encouragement to them. Grow, lovely lavender! Pretty parsley. During the day, it’s a matter of managing the window shades and the ceiling fans and finding shade outside, but by late afternoon, the windows and doors are reopened. Cholula wanders in and out, but prefers to monitor the back hill’s critter activity from a shady spot on the deck. The hillsides are still so green, dotted with colorful flowers. The farmers market is open. My go-to outfit is a sundress and flip-flops. Dog-diving in the local stream is a daily activity. Lemonade is my current favorite. And at night, snuggled in bed with a book, I can hear the crickets and evening sounds through wide-open windows. Sure, there’s always something to complain about if you look for it, but it goes the other way, as well: there’s always something to smile about. Here are some things that made me happy this week!


Avocado toast and hubby-made smoothie: breakfast of champions!


A wet dog is a happy dog. Look at that smile!


Big blue summer sky.


One of my favorite summer-only foods: tomato toastettes!


The garden is in! I can’t wait to harvest something.


Krista stayed a night with us. We’ve been friends for 20 years! We laughed a lot.


Note the second tennis ball in her mouth. #greedy


This guy made me laugh out loud!


Daddy’s girl.


Backyard thyme blossoms. So teeny!


This is my smile after a bowl full of mussels and corn and a plate of burrata and heirlooms. YUM.


I made some rockin’ Moroccan chicken last night! Stay tuned!


Quiet patio time in the shade.




My inner adolescent’s summer reading list is complete.


This week, we had a lovely sunset!


One year ago, I made a nectarine-blackberry galette for a dinner party.


Two years ago, we dined with 1,500 other people on Main Street Park City.


Three years ago, we found camping bliss on Cliff Lake.


Four years ago, Betty’s first road trip led us to see My Morning Jacket at the Fox Theater.


And at this moment, SOMEONE is pouting until I take her outside. 

You know. Just the usual bliss. 

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