This is Sarah.


We’ve been through so much together in the last 15 years. Too many birthdays. A couple of bad haircuts. Countless late nights and headache mornings. Bachelorette parties involving blow-up dolls named Sancho. Weddings (two for me, one for her). A few ugly breakups and an even uglier divorce. A honeymoon baby and a struggle with infertility. Questionable choices, absolute joy, and utter heartbreak on both sides. You know…the stuff that makes a friendship last forever.

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Sarah’s not afraid to have difficult conversations with me. She’s never once said, “I told you so” (even though she could have).  I was there through a few boyfriends who we both knew weren’t right for her. I was there to help “The One” narrow down his engagement ring selections. I was there to help lace her into her bridal gown, and there three days after Macy was born to help through those first magical/exhausting days.

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We’ve had some hilarious adventures together, like the road trip we took to Telluride Bluegrass Festival to celebrate her 30th birthday. We’ve also had some travel mishaps, like our ill-fated trip to Mexico when it rained the whole time. We have the same sense of humor, so we laugh. A LOT. Also, whenever we spend time together, we have a fight- and then we laugh about it, knowing our token fight is over with. Our relationship isn’t perfect, because neither of us is perfect, but it’s easy and it’s constant. Sarah knows me like few people do in this world. She’s a sister to me.

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Sarah has an open heart and an adventurous spirit, and I’m in awe of her latest adventure: two years in Oman with her husband and sweet young daughter. I always miss Sarah, but it’s different and deeper now, knowing that she’s not just a car ride away. I’m inspired by the way that she lives her life and cherish her love, down-to-earth perspective, and honest friendship. Maybe I’m a little more shmoopy than usual with so much distance between us, but I’ll use the excuse that it’s her birthday today, instead.

IMG_7117 IMG_6894 2585292045_5a1b6c7c5c_b

Happy, happy birthday, beautiful Sarie! Cheers to many years of friendship ahead!


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