Bliss Bits 3/12/2017

Did you “spring forward” this morning or did you forget to change your clocks? Our schedule is a little bit wonky today, but I don’t mind Daylight Saving Time because the days are getting longer, my friends. We’ll be eating dinner on the back patio in no time. What a month it’s been- crazy weather, my grandpa’s memorial, visits from friends and my folks, Oden’s first birthday and a big fiesta to celebrate it, one-year check-ups and a stomach bug that put everything on hold (and in perspective)… Just when I think things might slow down, they don’t! But this is LIFE and I’m pretty grateful for it. We only get one! Look at some of the things that have been keeping me smiling along the way…

Look at the size of the hail we had one night!

When Cholula is under the bed…

A delicious date night beverage for Mama.

Rough life!

I can’t remember the last time this orchid bloomed… but look!

I took myself to a new place in town and it was delicious!

Play date shenanigans involving vacuums and brooms.

Sometimes he looks 5 years old.

Life in the mountains means a different kind of peeping Tom.

I love when John makes me breakfast.

Melt melt melt melt…but that SKY! Gorgeous.

He’s a handful, you guys.

These two! Trouble waiting to happen!

I made a chalkboard menu for our pantry.

I love this card and it makes me miss Sarah.

He loves opening the windows!

Just when I think it’s over…

Breakfast buddies.

My folks brought old photo albums from my Grandpa’s house. That’s me in his arms!

Snuggling up with Grandma and Lucky for a story.

Um, you could say the birthday cake was a success.

Helping Spencer prep the beer cooler for his fiesta.

Oden had a blast at his birthday party! More on that soon!

News from the pediatrician: Oden is very healthy!

Extreme bedhead!

Did you make a Bliss Buddha Bowl? YUM.

Check that one off of the list!


Still my baby, too.

Little and big.

Oden, would you like to smell this flower?

We do “cheers” approximately 17 times a day.

Boys lost in Home Depot.

About a year ago, the creature in my belly was going NUTS.

Then he arrived and we brought him home!

My mom stayed for three whole weeks and made me delicious milk-making cookies.

Two years ago, the Fab Five were together in Ojai.

Three years ago, I wasn’t the only one with Spring Fever.

Four years ago, we started a Utah/Colorado road trip at this sweet little cabin!

Five years ago, my mom and I were checking out the view from The Wok in our new home.

Six years ago, Sarah and I were getting rained out in Todos Santos!

And this morning, this is the scene on my windowsill.

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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