Bliss Bits 2/21/2015

Oh, LIFE. After you’ve lobbed so many my way over the years, one would think I’d be ready for your wicked curveballs…the kind that immediately halt any plans I had in place and force me into something less desirable. Yes, I should have known better than to test the slab of rock-hard ice on the trail. With that one tentative footstep, my week went from (insert long to-do list here) to spending a few days flat on my back on an ice pack, ironically similar to my position after my fall. I’ve been frustrated and irritated and immobile. But, dear Life, these are the moments when your little gifts mean so much more than they usually do. I can roll my eyes at this unexpected period of time on the D.L., even giggle when I picture myself falling- feet in the air, booty bouncing on the frozen trail, crooked-eared dog wondering why I’m on the ground. You handed me some forced downtime, Life. It’s been a good time to pause and be grateful for you.


Happy hour is more fun with vintage glassware.


YAY! Which is your favorite? (found on Instagram)


A happier day on the trail…


Kind words on a plate.


Takeout sushi night. 


John’s backcountry ski partner. 


Heart graham care packages for friends. 




Sky on fire. 


Three minutes before my fall…


Bummed that Mama is on the couch and not taking her on a hike.


I made lemon-basil sorbet (stay tuned). Then I turned it into a cocktail. Brilliant!


One year ago, Hot Hubby was on television talking about avalanche safety.


Two years ago, I was about to be pelted with a snowball.


Three years ago, our home was (almost) finished and we made the big move!


Four years ago, it was ladies night with Sarah in Durango.


And this morning, winter has returned. 

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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