Cheers to my Pops on this day! Love you, Dad!

the usual bliss

My dad is my hero.


How could he not be? He’s a man of integrity, a hard-working provider. He’s intelligent and thoughtful at the same time. He’s irresistibly charming- a blue-eyed, winking flirt. The ladies love him. Men respect him. This is the man who passed on to me his musical talent and smiling habit. He’s good at demonstrating how to slow down, take it easy, enjoy the moment. He danced on a table with me at my graduation party. He put camping in my veins. He’s why I spontaneously sing throughout the day, why I love jazz, why I love baseball. He tells great stories and brings the good time, wherever he is.


My dad doesn’t always understand me, but he lets me be ME. He makes me feel special. And he doesn’t just love me- he really LIKES me, too. I know because he tells me

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