Bliss Bits 8/7/2019

How’s summer going for you? Ours seems to be flying by with lightning speed! I’ve been trying to get this Bliss Bits post done for a couple of weeks already. Swim lessons and play dates and dinosaur camp for Oden, teething and crawling and standing for Morrison, a road trip to Colorado, …a good dose of smiles mixed with pretty challenging moments. I guess that’s LIFE. We’re crossing things off of our Summer Bucket List as we go along, which means there’s definitely some FUN being had! John and I had our first overnight away from the boys this month. It feels like milestone after milestone around here. I’m glad I have these posts to help me pause and savor them before the next one comes along. Take a peek!

We have Sand Hill Cranes this year! I think they like our creek.

Sweet little stinkbug.

Speaking of bugs, Oden has discovered Roly Polies!

Amanda sent me this photo from a day at the beach. Memories!

Mama got an upgrade to a new Subaru.

(Mama will always prefer old cars to new!)

Making laundry cuter.

No moose in our yard yet this year, but the antlers on the deer are growing.

Oden and his friend, Madeline, like holding hands.

My parents celebrated 46 years of marriage!

Peace, love, and dreadlocks with Ziggy Marley.

We visited my folks in Colorado! Oden helped with lawn care.

Oden fell in the lake so he wore Dad’s sweatshirt and kept fishing.

Off to see the Durango Fourth of July Parade!

Makes me smile, too, Oden.

A big boy pedal bike (that he still needs to learn how to ride!).

Sink bath at Uma’s house.

We went camping! Cute little jammies.

The way Morrison looks at his brother…

Mo’s first camping trip.

Elementary school landscaping. Which do you like?

Kids on a couch! We spent some time with Sarah and her littles.

We love Uma and Papa!

I wonder what she’s listening for.

Mr. Big Stuff can stand up now.

We seem to have gone a different direction than painting a birdhouse.

Columbines in the yard.

Visiting the ducks!

Oden is taking ISR Swim lessons!

Big chair, little chair.

Happy kid!

Chalk washes off.

I see my So Cal roots showing through.

Our yard is pretty magical in the afternoon.

The gang’s all here (and keeps growing)!

Staring down the pitcher.


This balancing game is an unexpected hit.

Hoping someone will play.

Maybe the only time he has gotten into this pod.

Happy hour! Cheers!

I helped decorate for Nancy’s Hawaii 5-0 party.

John got into it!

We are doing lots of grain bowls lately.

Post-bedtime, pre-dinner pause.

Eating new things and REALLY enjoying it!

I made this yummy/easy hummus appetizer for a BBQ with friends.

Hide-and-seek with a 3-year-old is hilarious! “I’m right here!”

First ride in the grocery cart! A bit wobbly but fun.

Oh! This is Oden comforting Mo by telling him we’re “going to Uma’s house!”

Summer joy.

I hope I remember this in about two months when the temp drops.

Riding the trolley to get “summer ice cream” is a favorite activity!

Flashback to me as a teenager yapping on the phone for hours!

Can’t wait to share our overnight trip to Santa Barbara.

A glimpse into our everyday mayhem…

He really loves helping me with the flowers.

BBQ chicken salad! Recipe here.

Dinner view from our table on the deck.

A classic!

I thought this was my last breastfeeding session with Mo. (It wasn’t.)

Teeth! 6 plus at least two coming in.

Rooftop yoga with some ladies at Snowbasin Resort.

Off to swim lessons!

When John makes dinner. Remind me why I ever cook…?

Climbing trees is a thing right now!

That face gets him out of mischief already.

It rained, so we baked cookies!

Oden has a 4-day dinosaur-themed day camp this week!

LOVE. This photo just makes my heart happy. 

Food for thought. Eat your ice cream! 

You know. Just the usual bliss. 

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