Daffodils and chocolate chips.

Today feels a little bit like Christmas Eve. My best friend, Amanda, is coming to visit tomorrow!


We’ve been BFFs since the 4th grade (count ’em- that’s 27 years). We call each other ‘sister’. People say we’re so alike, we must share the same brain. From braces to big hair, from sixth grade graduation to prom night, from weddings to babies, from California to Colorado to Utah… we’ve been through a lot together. No one knows me in the same way that Amanda does. I can’t live without her!





I’ve been prepping for her visit, baking cookies and smiling at some vibrant daffodils. I came across two quotes about sisters that couldn’t be more perfect.

In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips.


(In our case, one of us definitely has to be the coconut.)

Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.


I’ve never met someone as consistently positive as Amanda. She brightens up any room and shares her beautiful smile freely. She is a truly giving person, and she inspires me.



There’s going to be a lot of laughing this weekend, and probably some tears when it comes to an end. (There always are. It can’t be helped.) I love her!

Even if she did always have the good hair.


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