Bliss Bits 3/20/2019

When Morrison was just a few weeks old, I decided to take him grocery shopping with me while Oden was with his nanny. It had been snowing that morning, but the skies had cleared by the time I parked the car. Mo doesn’t love his carseat, so instead of plopping the big seat in the grocery cart, I left it in the car and tucked him in the baby carrier. He snoozed away on my chest while I leisurely pushed my cart around Whole Foods, casually selecting flowers and crossing everything off of my list. I even picked up a treat for my drive home. People stopped to peek at Mo’s angelic face- newborns are a smile magnet! As I chatted away with the employee checking us out, I noticed it had started snowing again outside. Hard. Big, fat flakes. Hmmm. I pulled my own wool hat down over Morrison’s tiny, mostly-bald head and rushed to my car through the falling snow, which was now coming down diagonally, almost slipping on my booty halfway there. At the car, I decided to get Mo inside as quickly as possible so I parked the cart by the tailgate, shed my coat, and started pulling him out of his carrier. Snow had coated my hair and was getting inside the car. With Mo in my arms, I heard a noise and glanced back to my cart just in time to see it start rolling away..full of my groceries. I froze for a millisecond, baby mid-air, as I debated what to do. In the few seconds it took me to make sure Mo was safe in the carseat and turn back around, my cart had picked up speed and was careening downhill through the lot. I whispered, “Oh, no…” and looked around, hoping it wouldn’t hit anyone’s car. And then, louder, in distress: “OH, NO!” as the cart hit a snowbank at the bottom of the lot and flipped over. I watched four bags filled with groceries rainbow into the air in slow motion, scattering my flowers and food and the treat I’d bought for myself into the snow. Now I looked around for someone to help, but suddenly there was no one in the entire parking lot. With Mo safely in the carseat (though starting to cry that newborn cry), I tittered coat-less across the slick lot to my wrecked cart, the baby carrier unbuckled but still swinging from my belly. It took all of my strength to pull the cart off of its side, where it had partially buried itself in the heavy snow. I listened to my infant wailing away from across the lot as I plucked eggs from the snow, one by one, and put them back in the container. The paper bags were now wet and ripping. I cursed myself for not bringing in my reusable bags, but I managed to get all of my groceries back into the cart, pushed it up the hill, and shoved everything in the back of the Subaru. I picked up Mo and sat in the front seat, nursing him back to calm, my hair dripping wet from the melting snow. I bit into that treat I’d bought for the drive home and, despite the tears in my eyes, I thought, “Someday, I’ll laugh about this.” In fact, I laughed about it multiple times that week as I told people about my new-mom fiasco in the Whole Foods parking lot. I share it now because it’s a funny(ish) reminder to myself how quickly things can go from good to disaster as a mom (or human), but it’s all ok in the end. Things can also go from eggs in the snow to a salted caramel cookie bar in the front seat of a warm car pretty quickly, too. I’m trying my hardest to keep that perspective these days, though it’s not always easy. Take a peek at some of the little things that have been helping me laugh off the hard moments this winter. The photos are completely out of order, but they are still fun to share!

John took me to see the Chris Robinson Brotherhood for Valentine’s Day. He looks like a band member.

Rare occurrence: I did my hair.

Laundry assistant!

The opposite of a “wild child” wearing his brother’s hand-me-downs.

Oden had fun little treats and activities on St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll share soon.

I went through a cookie-brownie phase while I was pregnant. Look at that thing!

Bath time wasn’t super fun at the beginning. Look how tiny Mo is!

My mom makes things for me and my kids that I will treasure forever.

The snow got at least a foot deeper than this, but Oden loves it! #dadsgenes

Now, that’s a winter sky!

We saw a documentary at Sundance about David Crosby and he was there!

My brother got married in February!

Toddler evidence. Guess which car Mama gave to Oden?

More toddler evidence. We are learning how stickers work.

These two get lots of daddy-son time each morning.

Getting deeper…and deeper. The gate is going to disappear!

This little bear hardly ever sleeps anywhere but on/near me.

Yes, I’m the mom who makes sandwiches in cute shapes.

We hired the NEAT team to help with some problem areas. Life-changing!

Good morning!

Heart wood and heart rock from the coast.

Both of my babies are rainbow babies!

Common nap location.

Snow makes the sky extra blue!

A family of snow boots.

Dog pillow! Oden is usually terrorizing Cholula, so this was a moment.

“I refuse to wear gloves because Mom said to, but my hands are frozen! AHH!”

Backyard fun for Oden…and Cholula…and John!

Concert date night. Up past midnight by choice, not by baby!

Oden’s buddy, Miles.

The tongue was a thing for a while! It’s fun to see babies discover new things.

Just bring it in by the truckload…

I went to an Oscars party and wore a lot of sequins!

Baby shoes are the cutest!

Hanging in the guest bathroom.

Decor at one of our local dinner spots.

My birthday gift from John this year was a flower delivery each month. This is March.

My 3-year-old weighs 42.2 pounds!

Spring wishes.

We’ve got a trip to Mexico coming up! These are the boys’ passport photos. TROUBLE.

Spotted at the post office.

Waiting for the bus to ride around the neighborhood, just for fun, because TODDLER.

My bath sanctuary has been invaded!

Amanda and I each had one half of a heart. BFF necklaces are cooler now!

John is not Irish. Neither am I.

Toddler food! Mac n’ cheese is always a winner.

Morrison “Third Wheel” Howe at dinner with us.

He told me recently he thinks he can fly. Ummmmmm…

We saw The Head and The Heart. I love watching the audience during a concert.

This is “The Nice Guy” who lets Oden help put the bounce house away.

I got this fortune when I was about 79 months pregnant.

Munching on grilled cheese and apple slices while timing contractions.

I love our bathroom. It has coastal and floral decor.

Preggo belly doggie pillow.

I like to order the kids’ pancakes at Five Seeds. Their green juice is so yummy!

My mom and I took Morrison to brunch when he was VERY TINY.

Proof he’s not always happy. Also, he no longer fits into these jammies.

Now I want to go camping!

Not sure what is going on here, but I liked it!

We always leave room for dessert!

Our friend, Idie, took Mo’s newborn photos. They are so similar to Oden’s! I love it.

Before his haircut. Cutie pie!

Bedroom window view.

Nursing in a Michael’s restroom in the handicapped stall.

We miss my mom’s cooking, but are thankful for our postpartum doula’s meal prep!

When they are still small enough to fit into tiny spaces…

Life with a newborn.

I took myself out for a burger and wine recently! Sometimes you need a splurge!

Why do we do this to ourselves? I wish women felt more comfortable asking for help.

What time is it for you?

Side note: I recently accused John of having “Man Flu” but he had the actual flu. Oops.

Joanna’s banana bread is awesome! We make it often and add chocolate chips.

Someday, I’ll never believe he was this tiny. Look at that arm.

Let’s not think of what creatures are in the pile of dead Christmas trees with him.

The coffee IV and the loud toddler…Hi, Life!

A moment on a trail in the neighborhood with no kiddos.

Sometimes we still make delicious food at home! These salmon bowls were tasty!

Oden on the left, Mo on the right.

Occasional toddler baby regression.

A book about beards.

What you talkin’ ’bout, Mama?

Baking with Mama.

Sigh. Truth.

A reminder.

Captain Adorable! It’s fun to see Mo in Oden’s old clothes.

Mom life.

Valentine’s Day play date, decorating sugar cookies!

Sibling love. Oden is really very sweet with his brother.

This made me laugh out loud!

Which number can you relate to?

Little piggies.

Sink bath!

More sandwich shapes!

Snowball fight! Also, Oden has remarkable aim already. I think he’s going to be a pitcher!


Artwork for Papa while he’s not feeling so good.

She’s mad at me for having babies but I give her cheese, so she still hangs out underfoot.

I spend a lot of time here.

As soon as I close the bathroom door, I hear, “MAMA! MAMA!” from another room…

I feel like I’m being watched.

We got together with our old crew from 15 years ago. Dear friends!

I still love you, Chewy.

Morrison met Auntie Sarah and my heart burst!

Sorry, not sorry.

Two great tastes that taste great together!

John’s mother as a baby with Aunt Bobo, Aunt SaSa, and GanGan. Nicknames are awesome.

Teething with a cold and still smiling.

This spoke to me.

I’m losing control…

This time last year, I didn’t believe I was pregnant with Mo!

Two years ago, Oden looked like this.

Three years ago, Oden was a freshie!

Four years ago, I was tipsy with Nancy at the Canyons’ pond-skimming event.

Five years ago, I was more motivated to hike in snow than I am right now.

Six years ago, Cholula was a teenager.

Seven years ago, we saw Toots and the Maytals at the Canyons.

Eight years ago, John and I were tan in Mexico.

And today, I’m ready for Spring.

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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