A Bash for Baby Howe

Over a decade ago, a trend started within our group of friends to throw co-ed baby showers. While the parties were always a blast, there were some boys who thought a baby shower should be reserved for ladies only. John was one of them. It wasn’t until we started talking about celebrating our own bundle of joy that he turned the corner. We didn’t have to play baby-related games or have our guests sit in a circle around us while we opened gifts, one by one. We could simply get together to clink glasses with our friends (many new daddies included) in honor of our first baby. His one rule: we couldn’t call it a shower. And that’s how the Howe Baby Bash came to be!


It’s hard to believe we’re already within 7 weeks of becoming parents, but we’re excited. On the night of the party, John proudly wore his new favorite “I’m the Daddy” hat and I wore a dress that showcased the BUMP (John had to help me get into my boots!). We didn’t know what to expect when we walked into Julie and Greg’s gorgeous home on Saturday night and the evening overwhelmed us. Our main goal was a night to gather with friends and celebrate this new chapter in our lives, and the house was full of loved ones, all there to do just that.

IMG_9506 IMG_9507 IMG_9514 20160110_HoweBabyParty_0620160110_HoweBabyParty_30 20160110_HoweBabyParty_31 20160110_HoweBabyParty_33

My BFF from LA, Amanda, and dear long-time local friend, Julie, took charge of the fiesta. They kept us in the dark about most of it, which was unexpectedly difficult for me! The girls both know me well, in different ways. Julie knows that I love to entertain and believe any good party needs lots of fabulous food and plenty of strong drinks. Amanda knows how important thoughtful details are to me (she made an excellent Matron of Honor). And they nailed it!

20160110_HoweBabyParty_01 20160110_HoweBabyParty_05 20160110_HoweBabyParty_10 20160110_HoweBabyParty_07 20160110_HoweBabyParty_16

Amanda had enlisted my little crew from California to get crafty with the details weeks ago. She took inspiration from our nursery’s mountain/outdoor theme and scattered subtle woodsy details around the house. There were chalkboard signs painted in Sierra’s perfect handwriting on slices of wood. A handmade guest book made of burlap and wood with  “The Adventure Begins” on the cover was passed around for each guest to write down words of love and baby wisdom. There were floating candles in burlap-ribboned mason jars everywhere, making each room glow with warmth. Sly little foxes like the ones who live in our backyard were tucked in unexpected places (including on the invitation that Sierra designed). They printed photos of John and me from childhood and clipped them on jute wire with laundry pins. And my favorite part was a little stand with the words, “Howe ‘Bout S’more” stacked with little bags of s’mores for guests to take home with them: “S’more love for later.” Clever and personal, understated and perfect.

20160110_HoweBabyParty_15 20160110_HoweBabyParty_11 20160110_HoweBabyParty_13 20160110_HoweBabyParty_03 20160110_HoweBabyParty_04 20160110_HoweBabyParty_2020160110_HoweBabyParty_6120160110_HoweBabyParty_6420160110_HoweBabyParty_6620160110_HoweBabyParty_74

There was a Mexican theme to the food (YUM), with chips, salsa, guacamole, and scrumptious ceviche to start. Then came out a few different kinds of tamales and chicken tinga tostadas with all of the sides and fixings (plenty of Cholula!). In addition to the full bar, there were big vats of Greg’s margaritas (jalapeño or traditional), and guests could choose a pink or blue straw based on their gender prediction for the baby. I think I squealed when I spied the buckets of churros (stuffed with caramel or vanilla cream!) and munched one before the appetizers were even done. And let’s not forget Julie’s spectacular home-baked Tres Leches cupcakes! HELLO.

IMG_953020160110_HoweBabyParty_8320160110_HoweBabyParty_1820160110_HoweBabyParty_8520160110_HoweBabyParty_8620160110_HoweBabyParty_28 20160110_HoweBabyParty_29 20160110_HoweBabyParty_34 20160110_HoweBabyParty_35 20160110_HoweBabyParty_43 20160110_HoweBabyParty_45 20160110_HoweBabyParty_46 20160110_HoweBabyParty_47

John and I made our way through the party, stopping to chat with our family and friends from many different points in our lives. Some traveled from other states to be there- Texas, California, Colorado, Washington. There was so much laughter and many hands on the baby bump (which I love). It was entertaining to see which color straw people had chosen and to ask them, “Boy or girl?” At one point, Julie took a moment to introduce the food fiesta and also say some very sweet words about our journey as a couple into marriage and finally to Baby Howe (she’s been there for it all). Standing there with John in a house full of family and friends and love was quite emotional, and as I tried to thank our hosts and express how much it all meant to us, I felt my words catch in my throat. John stepped in to finish my thoughts and the same thing happened to him!  What can we say? Our baby makes us shmoopy.

20160110_HoweBabyParty_8220160110_HoweBabyParty_49 20160110_HoweBabyParty_50 20160110_HoweBabyParty_51 20160110_HoweBabyParty_53 20160110_HoweBabyParty_69 20160110_HoweBabyParty_71 20160110_HoweBabyParty_56 20160110_HoweBabyParty_58 IMG_404920160110_HoweBabyParty_72 20160110_HoweBabyParty_73 20160110_HoweBabyParty_77 20160110_HoweBabyParty_7820160110_HoweBabyParty_7920160110_HoweBabyParty_8120160110_HoweBabyParty_8720160110_HoweBabyParty_8820160110_HoweBabyParty_89

It was such a pleasure seeing friends from near and far mingling together and I especially loved introducing everyone to my parents and brother. This big Mama thought for sure we’d be home at a reasonable hour that night, but before I knew it, we’d chatted and laughed and imbibed and eaten multiple churros until past midnight. Before we left, John and I held hands and wandered around the house to take in the little personal touches everywhere, marveling at how much effort our hosts had put into it all and soaking up the love. There may have been a few more tears of gratitude (blame it on the baby for me and many cocktails for John).

20160110_HoweBabyParty_90 20160110_HoweBabyParty_91 IMG_9532 20160110_HoweBabyParty_93 20160110_HoweBabyParty_96 20160110_HoweBabyParty_97 20160110_HoweBabyParty_103 20160110_HoweBabyParty_107 20160110_HoweBabyParty_109 20160110_HoweBabyParty_108 20160110_HoweBabyParty_110 IMG_4042

There are only a few of these major milestones in a lifetime, and there were many moments when John and I weren’t sure we’d ever get the opportunity to feel the joy of a baby on the way. To celebrate that joy with loved ones at a bash like this is beyond special… It’s priceless! It felt like a holiday. A Howe-liday. We’ll always remember it.

20160110_HoweBabyParty_116 20160110_HoweBabyParty_118 20160110_HoweBabyParty_119

Baby Howe, we can’t wait to meet you and hold you in our arms…but we aren’t the only ones. So many hearts await your arrival! What a loved little baby you will be.

20160110_HoweBabyParty_65 IMG_4037

Special thanks to Tommy Chandler who captured our Baby Bash memories in 99% of these beautiful photographs.

More about BABY.


  1. Oh Amber, what a special evening. So much JOY!!! You look radiant and that color is fabulous you. I love all the thoughtful touches your hosts incorporated into the evening and I LOVE that you called it a bash instead of a shower! This baby is already surrounded with so much love. Such a lucky little human to have you two as parents. Wish we could have been there to shower you guys with love!
    ps…I would have chosen a blue straw 🙂

    1. Blue straw! Interesting! Maybe our babies will meet when we finally meet! 🙂 The theme of the night was definitely LOVE. I can’t believe it’s over already and today marks 33 weeks! Enjoy that bump… it kind of flies by.

  2. OMG – What a Blast of a Bash – the details, the eats, the gathering – Oh So Much FUN!!! Enjoy the final weeks and cannot wait to hear when Baby Howe arrives and if the blessing is a boy or girl (still in the girl camp) 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing – Happy Day – Enjoy!

  3. the dress! the dress! the dress! how beautiful! I can not wait to celebrate the birth of this little creature and to welcome him/her into our lives. So glad you posted this so that I could get a glimpse of the party..what a special event! Sending so much love…

  4. I love the idea of a nontraditional baby celebration! What a special evening with such magical touches. I’ll be honest, I read this and looked through the photos with tears in my eyes. I know we don’t know each other in the “real world,” but words cannot describe how absolutely thrilled I am for you, John, and Cholula. It’s amazing to watch your progress and I’m so grateful you’re sharing your bliss on the blog. You give people everywhere hope that happy endings are possible.

    1. Jessica, that is just SO SWEET. It’s been a rough road at times for us but we’re in a very happy place right now. I know that there will be plenty of hard times ahead, too, but there’s always something to be thankful for, right? Thanks for being such a faithful follower and for your kind words!

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