Bliss Bits 1/15/2015

After our hectic end to 2014, we’re finally settling into the new year around here. Big snow means early ski starts, winter wonderland hikes, and making warming, healthy meals together. It means new books and slippers in front of a fire, time to daydream and plan for the year ahead. I’m continuing my weekly Bliss Bits posts into 2015; it’s still rewarding for me to gather the little moments of happiness into a pile of smiles to share with you each week. Here are some recent bits.


A big (clean) empty space where Boris used to live.


A view from one of my hikes, before it snowed.


I bought Nancy these mugs for Christmas. It turns out she got me the exact same ones! 


Spring daydreams.


Every January, we get satsumas from Four Elements Farm. They’re like candy!


I love the cover of this old cookbook. It was John’s mother’s. 


I sent this to Amanda, who also turns 40 this year. It keeps making me laugh!


I made biscuits this week!


I also relaxed in The Wok more than once.


Take me outside. Take me outside. Take me outside.


It snowed! A LOT. I spy Cholula… do you?


That is one HUGE dog print! 


This is what lunch looks like for my fun parents when their power and heat goes out.


EGG on a jalapeño turkey burger. 


John’s hikes are a little more hard core than mine… and then he skis down.

photo 1

So good. I’m old. Except I still like it LOUD.


High five for naps!


I can’t wait to share this roasted veggie and crispy kale pizza with you. 

photo 2

A beautiful day on my snowboard at PCMR with girlfriends! I’m sore.


Still smiling about our time in Charleston.


One year ago, I was marveling at the Ice Castles in Midway. 


Two years ago, Macy was marveling at John’s beard. 


Three years ago, Cholula was tiny and still had TWO floppy ears. 

photo 2 

And this morning, the mountains are shrouded by a cozy fog.

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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