Bliss Bits 5/25/2017

Guys, “toddler” is basically synonymous with “tornado.” Did I just state the obvious? Whoa. It makes for some challenging days and sad/scary moments (like Oden’s little bloody nose yesterday from face-planting on the living room’s wood floor). I’m learning that bumps and bruises come with the territory, but it’s hard on this still-learning Mama’s heart. Thankfully, Oden seems pretty darn tough and was giggling, clapping, and running around within moments. It’s a good reminder that when things get hard or hurt a little, getting back up on your feet and moving on is the way to go. We kicked off our summer early this year with a Mother’s Day camping trip in Willie the Camper and, believe it or not, the Park City Farmers Market started today! I’m at my best during this time of year. Take a peek at what’s been keeping me smiling from day to day!

Maybe May showers bring even more flowers in June.

Daily standoffs between Cholula and the ground squirrels have commenced!

This photo should terrify me but I kind of love it!

Fresh flowers. Always.

This is when I started running the stroller back toward the car…we beat the storm!

The teeniest wildflowers.

I took a photo through Oden’s toy kaleidoscope!

My husband knows me.

Spring hiking in Park City is lovely!

One happy boy.

I begrudgingly retired the “Have a Willie nice day” shirt to the too-small storage bin.

Cool daffodil in the ‘hood!

Why get a garden gnome when you can get “Bigfoot with his squatchy friends”?

That converts to 29.23 pounds!

My favorite tree in our yard bloomed!

Oh, hello, tiny adorable fuzzy baby bunny in my backyard.

Testing out the bed in Willie the Camper before our trip.

Camp reading. He gets really excited about the food page.

Some of my mom’s cute little trinkets.

“Let’s get a good Mother’s Day photo!” I said…

People I love tucked into a very nostalgic sign at my folks’ house.

He smooshed his face against the camper screen!

White Sangria Popsicles for the win! AOL Lifestyle also featured them here.

I love them so much. Cholula also helps me keep Oden clean. 

I know, I know… it’s beautiful.

Oh, to be a baby! I lost the “V” so I used a sideways “7.”


Rainbow cutting board for my Blender Tortilla Soup! Did you try it?

He loves looking for birds. He chirps!

Maybe I was singing too loud…?

 Question: “Mama! Should I buy this hat from 7-11?” Answer: NO.

His and hers on date night.

Cool light through the front windows.

I thought I was looking at the camera…

Bubble machine magic! Thanks, Joeycake!

Open window season!

Kicking a ball is hard when you’re just learning to walk steadily!

Bear joined us at the Farmers Market and we all had a great time!

John took this shot of a double rainbow on his way home yesterday!

One year ago, we took Oden camping! He is so tiny! 

Two years ago, there was serious squirrel stalking.

Three years ago, we were enjoying Mexico’s beauty.

Four years ago, Miss Macy was on the move at my folks’ house!

Five years ago, we celebrated John’s sister’s wedding in North Carolina!

Six years ago, we camped near Boulder, Utah…

…and it resulted in Betty the Trailer joining the family.

Seven years ago, the Fab Five were feeling fierce!

And today, I’m doing my best to remember there is joy in all things!

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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