Summer Bucket List Recap!

Whoa. We are T-minus 26 days until Little Brother is scheduled to make his appearance! He’s a big boy, baking away in my belly- measuring over 3 weeks ahead- so my doctor isn’t sure we’ll even make it to that date. It’s been pretty overwhelming, trying to prep for a new baby, remember where everything baby-related is (and how it works), getting the nursery together, being very pregnant, and navigating Toddler Land. It’s already November and I still have so many fun summertime activities and trips to share with you! Before fall turns into winter, let’s recap our Summer Bucket List.

We had a doozy of a summer! When I put the Bucket List together, I felt like it was a tad ambitious for the short season. We actually accomplished every item on the list, which made for a lot of fun memories! I shared our camping trip recently, as well as our splash pad, zoo, and picnic adventures. I shared how much Oden adored making s’mores, running through the sprinklers, searching for lemonade stands in the neighborhood, and letting watermelon drip down his chin. And he now has a love for water balloons and fireworks, thanks to our fun Fourth of July!

Next up on our list: riding bikes at the track. Oden has a Strider bike, and it took him a bit to warm up to it. However, once he got the knack, we can’t slow him down! Even these photos from earlier in the summer make it seem like so long ago, because now he’s hunting for the biggest hill and lifting his feet out to the sides. He’s ready for pedals for sure (are you listening, Santa?)! The best part about the little pump track we would visit is that it’s near a stream. After getting hot and dusty, Oden would get half-naked and splash around in the water to cool off! Perfect summer activity.

Another way we cooled off this summer was to pack up the bike trailer with towels and snacks and head around the corner to the neighborhood pool. It has a shallow kiddie area and a big waterslide that I expected Oden to be intimidated by. Wrong! He learned right away how to wait at the bottom of the steps for his turn, climbed them alone, and giggled with glee all the way to Mama or Daddy, waiting in the pool to catch him. The kid is fearless and swimming is such a great way to get that toddler energy out! At the end of our swim time, we’d buy an ice cream to enjoy on the way home.

I still have to share our trip to Colorado with you. We went to celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday, back in August! While we were in town, we spent a day at our favorite camping and fishing spot, Haviland Lake. The setting is lovely. We already crossed “lake day” off the list with our camping trip, but this time, Oden also tried out his little fishing pole for the first time- another Bucket List item! Did he catch a fish? No. But that’s not really the point of going fishing, at least not to me. And it warmed my heart to watch John show him how to cast. Memories made!

For my Dad’s birthday party, we made homemade strawberry ice cream. Check that off of the Bucket List! We used an old ice cream maker that needs ice and salt and grinds away- such a nostalgic sound. And the ice cream was positively delicious! More about that trip soon.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the Farmers Market as often as in past years. Oden’s nap schedule has shifted and the timing just wasn’t right on most days! We did make it a couple of times, and instead of taking a ride in his wagon, my big boy wanted to help choose produce and hold the bag. Time flies.

Another thing that was kind of a bust was making homemade lemonade. I’ve made huge batches in the past (see a favorite recipe here), but when we got all of our supplies out, I couldn’t locate some parts of the juicer! They must have gotten lost during our move to the new house. So instead of a big batch, we made a small container of tasty, tart lemonade together (pants optional). Yummy! It still counts, and we’ll try again next year!

Another trip I can’t wait to share with you is a weeklong visit to Morro Bay, California. We rented a cottage right on the beach with a fabulous view of the famous Morro Bay Rock. Our dear friends live in the hills nearby on an organic farm, and during one of our visits with them, we went on a hike to see their lovely flower garden. It wasn’t the mountain wildflower hike I’d envisioned, but it was beautiful. Check it off of the Bucket List, and stay tuned for more about this trip!

And with that, our Summer Bucket List is complete. Summertime is so special, with fun activities you only do during those warm and sunny months. I’m excited to share our fall fun with you, too (hopefully before winter officially lands in Park City!).

More about our Bucket Lists.


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