Summer Bucket List 2019

Well, it’s here! SUMMERTIME. Especially in Utah, it was a looooong winter. It snowed well into May this year! Everyone is ready for sunshine, bare feet, and lots of fun. It’s hard to beat the feeling summer brings- long days, outdoor fun, vacations, yummy food, carefree living. It’s a gorgeous time of year in Park City. We’ve loved watching the backyard turn green!

Last year, I put together a fun little Bucket List full of warm-weather activities to do with Oden that would hopefully keep us smiling… and make some memories along the way. Mission accomplished! (You can check out the recap of our adventures here.) This year, I kept a couple of the summer-only items from last year’s list that fall into the MUST DO category: go camping, make ice cream, visit a lemonade stand, stuff like that. I added a few things to encourage kindness, like surprising a stranger with flowers. And I tried to get creative with some new things that I thought Oden might really love. Here’s the list for Summer 2019, taped to the refrigerator and ready to tackle!

Just like last year, I know we’ll have no problem crossing most of these things off of the list. There are a few things that will be an adventure for us. I don’t know how Oden will feel about sleeping in the yard, for example, or whether he’ll be into a backyard movie. So we’ll play those by ear. I also left a blank spot for something fun that will inevitably come along that belongs on the FUN list. Feel free to comment a suggestion or two!

Especially with its late start this year, summer always goes by too quickly. My hope is to enjoy it as much as possible with Oden (and baby Mo!). After all, it won’t be long until they’ll outgrow stuff like this. Wait… maybe that’s not true, because I haven’t outgrown this kid of fun yet…Stay tuned for our adventures!

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