A staycation at the St. Regis Deer Valley

In the first year in a new home, you discover all sorts of things. It’s been fun watching the garden reveal various flowers and plants this spring and summer. We know where the creaks are on the stairway that we avoid after Oden’s gone to bed. We learned we don’t like induction stoves and that a good old Black and Decker coffee maker works just as well for our coffee needs as a fancy built-in espresso machine. And we learned that once the days started warming up, our second floor would get uncomfortably hot…not ideal for toddler naps or new babies! So, after juggling multiple fans and evaporative coolers in Oden’s room for a couple of weeks, we bit the bullet and scheduled a day to have air conditioning installed. It’s an investment, right?

Since Oden’s nap zone would have workers going in and out all day, we decided to take advantage of the local’s discount at a hotel nearby and have a little staycation. The main draw to the St. Regis Deer Valley with a toddler involved? The pool, of course! We’d recently visited the pool when a friend of mine was in town at the hotel overnight and Oden adored the shallow shelf to splash around on. Plus, how cute is the unicorn floatie he rode with our friend, Sydney?

Also, a “pool day” is on our Summer Bucket List! So Oden and I rode the funicular up the hill, checked in, and went swimming while we waited for John to meet us after work, then had dinner together. A huge perk for us is that the hotel allows pets, so Cholula was able to stay with us just about anywhere, as long as she was leashed.

Something fun the St. Regis does in the summer is have DIY s’mores available near one of their outdoor firepits. Another Bucket List item! Oden’s first experience with the ooey-gooey delicious treat was so fun to watch. He was more interested in roasting the marshmallows in the fire (he’s a “burner”) than making s’mores! I also learned that my new favorite thing is a s’more made with a Reeses peanut butter cup instead of just chocolate. Game-changer!

After multiple s’mores, we ran off some of the sugar high on the grassy area and played some games. I showed Oden how to roll down a grassy hill- a joy of childhood! It’s so fun to watch him experience new things and hear that laugh!

Oden boycotted the lovely crib provided by the hotel and slept in between John and me. That means the grown-ups don’t get much sleep, but it’s pretty adorable to all be snuggled into bed together. We enjoyed yummy room service for breakfast. Is there anything better than eating food you didn’t cook while wearing a plush robe?

The next day was basically a repeat: pool, exploration, nap, a yummy dinner at the Deer Valley Grocery Café and watching people catch fish from the pond, and more s’mores. It’s amazing how easy it is to feel like you’re on vacation when your home is literally less than 5 miles away!

By the morning of our check out, we’d spent lots of time at the pool and consumed enough s’mores to last the summer (Bucket List check and check). Oden, Cholula, and John took a mini-hike before joining me at the pool for just a little bit more fun. We came home to a new air-conditioning system and had a pocket full of new summer memories from our mini getaway.

It had been a while since we did any kind of staycation, but what I love is that it feels like a break from the stresses of real life without worrying about packing or travel time. Thanks, St. Regis, for hosting our little circus for a couple of days!

Another staycation.

Our Summer Bucket List!

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