Our Summer Bucket List

Remember when we did a “December to Remember” holiday bucket list? It was so fun to think of all of the special seasonal activities to do with Oden and cross them off of our list. We had a blast and made some awesome holiday memories!

With summer in full swing over here, I realized this is another time of the year with activities that only happen NOW. I adore summertime- days are longer, and life feels more relaxed. It’s all about being outside and I love the colors of the hillsides and flowers and sky. It’s warm, so why not have a scoop of ice cream or kick off your shoes?

Since the summer months are fleeting in the mountains (fall comes early with winter not far behind), I thought it would be fun to put together a summertime bucket list to tackle over the next couple of months. Take a peek! What would you add to this list?

Admittedly, just like the holiday list, some of these are no-brainers. We are OBVIOUSLY going to visit every lemonade stand we see (YUM), and what’s a 4th of July without the fireworks? But there are plenty of other things on the list that simply inspire more FUN, like making ice cream and playing with water balloons. Oden will love to try new things, and I’m all about the memories we’ll make!

As we reach the end of June, we’ve already accomplished a few things on our bucket list. On a particularly warm day, we visited our local splash pad for the first time. Oden lasted about 40 minutes before hypothermia set in and he was screaming for his towel, but the difference between his playtime this year versus last year is pretty cool to see. I love seeing how brave he can be. He gets it now!

As a child, I had lemonade stands with my neighbor friends and remember watching with disappointment as the cars just whizzed by… so I make it a goal to stop every time I see a lemonade stand (and I always pay double!). So far, the best one is within a couple blocks of our house. They put limes in theirs and it’s delicious! It’s also cute to hear Oden try to say “lemonade.”

I’ve implemented a “Friday Fun Day” situation with Oden, which usually involves stopping at the local donut shop and then heading out on a special activity. Recently, we drove into Salt Lake to visit the Hogle Zoo. Again, Oden’s more into it than he was last year. In addition to checking out all of the animals, we rode the carousel like last time, and took two train rides around the zoo. We also shared a soft pretzel and ran through bubbles from a bubble machine. Super fun!

The automatic sprinklers in our backyard have been behaving oddly, so we brought out the kind that screws into the hose. That’s automatic fun on a hot day for a 2-year-old! Once he realized he was supposed to run THROUGH the water and not around it, it was game on. Cholula nips at the water and Oden shrieks as he tries to outrun the spray. Even John did a few laps through the water to cool off, which delighted Oden to no end! One moment he’s fully clothed but before we know it, there’s a naked toddler streaking through the water!

Every afternoon after his nap, Oden has a snack. During the hot spell we’ve had, he loves sharing a fruit popsicle with Mama. On other days, I’ll slice him a big piece of watermelon. I love food but I can’t stand any type of melon… but Oden loves it, and who can resist a toddler biting into a watermelon wedge as big as his face? It’s just such a summer treat.

So far, it’s been a fun summer! We spend every day outside in the big yard at this new house and feel super grateful for the flat space for Oden to explore and play. We’ve got a good start on our bucket list, but a long way to go… stay tuned!

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  1. Loving Your Summer Bucket List – Especially Seeing Oden Run with the BIGGEST Smile On His Smoosh Face 🙂

    We have been trying to add in play, laughter and fun this Summer too. Festivals, Minor League Baseball Games, Biking, etc. I have to say my favorite is just sitting outside in my yard and watching the world go by with a drink in my hand.

    Happy Summer – Enjoy!!!

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