Flashback to a Summertime Picnic

Remember our Summer Bucket List? I’m happy to say that we were able to accomplish everything on it! Yay, summer!

I’ll share a recap at some point when I can raise my head above water. (Side note: this pregnancy is kicking my booty!) One of the fun items we crossed off this summer was a picnic when my folks were visiting from Colorado way back in July. We had an unexpected break in some rain and decided to head outdoors for lunch. We kept it simple with pre-made food and packed up fried chicken, salad, fruit, chips, cookies and drinks. We toted along some of Oden’s balls, some bubbles for blowing, and his little strider bike. We headed for Rotary Park, which is shady and has a creek running alongside of it. We had the park to ourselves and the sky could not have been bluer! Oden explored the grounds on his little bike and searched for fish in the creek. Even the dogs had an adventure- Cholula stalked a squirrel for most of the day! This park is so close to home, which made it low-effort but still a special lunch. After a couple of days of rain, we soaked in that glorious summer sunshine, and the grass and trees were so vibrant. Take a peek at some photos from our family picnic!

My intention with these Bucket Lists is to encourage adventure with Oden and make memories together. It may have been a basic picnic, but I won’t forget my kid yelling, “I FISHING!” and my dad making bubbles for Oden with a neon green wand. The day was a good reminder that it doesn’t have to take a lot of effort to be great. It’s those simple moments that make up a happy life and beautiful childhood memories for Oden (and his mama).

Stay tuned for more Bucket List recaps as I catch up from summertime!


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