Oden’s Newborn Photographs

John and I are so lucky to have friends who are super talented photographers. Tommy Chandler documented our rehearsal dinner and wedding beautifully and also helped us memorialize our Baby Bash. I love his perspective! Another friend, Idie Atencio, helped us create happy memories of Oden while he was still in my belly at our “bump” photo shoot, and once he arrived, she spent an afternoon snapping shots of the little guy. I’m so glad we decided to have professional photos taken of Oden’s teensy newborn phase, because as I look at them now, he’s already changed so much that my heart aches a little bit. The pre-Mama me would scrutinize my still-puffy belly or my not-awesome hair color or the piles of clutter in the background. Instead, I notice how tiny Oden was, how involved sweet Cholula wants to be, how focused we are on Oden’s comfort and happiness, how awkwardly we held him in those still-so-new first days with an infant, and what a proud Papa John is. I include some “outtakes” from the day at the end of this post. I love the reminders of real life, which isn’t always perfectly edited. Those are the moments I wish to remember about those early days… the joy and the chaos combined.

Idie took almost 200 photos that day! Take a peek at some of our favorites.


And a few of the “life isn’t always perfect” shots, which actually seem pretty perfect to me.

Oden-web-9142 Oden-web-9151 Oden-web-9216 Oden-web-9253 Oden-web-9295 Oden-web-9265 Oden-web-9325 Oden-web-9543 Oden-web-9557

What beautiful memories of those teeny tiny newborn moments, which are unbelievably already fading…

I love them all!


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  1. Thank you for the shout out. 🙂 I am honored to have been able to capture these newborn moments with handsome little Oden. The time DOES go by so quickly.

  2. These photos are so incredibly beautiful. I love love love them! Especially the outtakes….hahah. Life with a newborn certainly looks interesting. That Oden is such a handsome love bug! I want to eat him up!!! I love your little family of four. 🙂

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