Wednesday, 2:13PM-3:06PM

The iffy spring weather in Utah tipped over toward the warm side this week. With blue skies in the forecast and a window of time between naps, Oden and I ventured down the canyon into Salt Lake City to visit Red Butte Garden. It wasn’t his first time there; Auntie Amanda made me believe I could actually leave the house with a newborn by joining us at the Garden, almost exactly one year ago. Last summer, Oden enjoyed his first live music shows there. On Wednesday, though, we simply meandered through the just-blooming flowers, waving to the trees and making bird sounds. Eeeeep, eeeeep, eeeeep. We encountered other little humans in their own strollers doing the same thing, and all I could think was, “That mom is so happy to be out in this glorious sunshine.” Because that’s what I was feeling. The highlight of the visit to the Garden wasn’t counting daffodils or seeing a butterfly for the first time. No, it was the fact that Mommy let Oden hold a rock on the grassy area for as long as he wanted to. I watched him grab pieces of dirt and squelched my desire to wipe the mud off of his feet or fingers. I let him just experience that moment and it made him giddy. He’s a boy. He’s a baby. He’s exploring his world. He’s full of joy and wonder. I’m just along for the ride, keeping him safe, feeling grateful.

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