Bump Love.

Once our baby started to really show itself and this belly of mine began to grow (and grow and grow), I knew I wanted to have some tangible memories of this fleeting time. It’s been quite a journey to get to this moment! We are lucky to have friends who are also talented photographers, and Idie understands our mountain style. One lovely day not long ago, we took Cholula up to a favorite pine-filled trail and giggled while she snapped some shots. We took a few more photos at home, and just like that, our photo shoot was over. It felt so casual and unplanned, and I wasn’t sure what to expect- but the photos had to be better than the many mirror selfies I’ve taken in the bathroom with my iPhone over the last 9 months. When she sent us the finished photographs, we were blown away- somehow during our silly jaunt in the snow, she captured all sorts of little joyful moments. All I see is love. I love these photos of our family-to-be (including our fur-baby) and know that someday we’ll look back warmly on these days right before new parenthood. Here are a few of our favorites!

IdieAtencio8386 IdieAtencio8393 IdieAtencio8396 IdieAtencio8400 IdieAtencioCollage1 IdieAtencio8424 IdieAtentio8443 IdieAtencioCollage2 IdieAtencio8464 IdieAtencio8470 IdieAtencio8474 IdieAtencio8489 IdieAtencio8493 IdieAtencioCollage3 IdieAtencio8514 IdieAtencio8525-2 IdieAtencio8531 IdieAtencio8532 IdieAtencio8534-2 IdieAtencio8548 IdieAtencio8552 IdieAtencioCollage4 IdieAtencio8580-2 IdieAtencio8589-3 IdieAtencio8584 IdieAtencio8595-2

And here are some of my favorite outtakes from the day! We had a blast!

web-8408 web-8453 web-8483 web-8502 web-8500 web-8371

All photos by Idie Atencio Photography. (Please do not use without permission.)

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  1. BEAUTIFUL – just love the naturalness and casualness – that is what makes photos come alive and feel the love radiating right at you 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing – Happy Day – Enjoy!

      1. Baking – Come On Baby, Come Out to Play . . .

        I am an old school photographer in that I prefer the naturalness of landscapes (and casualness if I take portraits). I amaze myself some times in what I just shoot raw and real!

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