Remember when…

Somehow, a whole year has past since Oden’s arrival. We wanted to be a family so badly and worked at it for so long, but when it happened, it still felt like a shock. Everyone says that “babies change everything,” but we weren’t in any way prepared for our new universe. Every day has been a lesson in parenthood and it’s been quite humbling to have our booties handed to us by a tiny infant so often! I liken parenthood to those plate-juggling performers. You know, the ones who spin plates on sticks and have to keep them all spinning without dropping any, jumping around like a crazy person just to keep them all balanced. Well, I’ve learned to shrug it off if I drop a plate. While I’m sort of a time management expert now (you should see what I can accomplish during an hour and a half nap!), I have had to accept that I simply cannot do it all. And that it’s ok. I have a healthy, happy, loved child who is thriving! What else matters?

The first months were such a blur and I’m so thankful that I take a lot of photos and keep notes about Oden’s latest development milestones, which you don’t realize happen only once until they’ve passed… In the weeks leading up to his first birthday, I allowed myself the amazing and tear-filled pleasure of peeling through a year of baby photos. I’d almost forgotten these moments that were so fleeting and are part of Oden’s infant history now…

When he slept next to me

When he hated bath time

When he fit in the vibrating chair/swing

When he would go cross-eyed

When he actually breastfed

When he had no teeth

When he smiled in his sleep

When he smiled at us

Our first walks as a family on the golf course

When he wasn’t chubby

When he fit on my lap

When he slept in the Moby wrap

Our hikes in the baby carrier

Meeting family and friends from near and far

When he helped with laundry

When he was mesmerized by daddy’s guitar

There are so many more “firsts” and “lasts” ahead (we are currently on the lookout for his first steps!), and I know that those will continue throughout Oden’s life. What a heartbreaking privilege parenthood is! With every exciting stage that you move into, you leave a precious one behind. I pray that, regardless of how hard certain periods might feel, that I never take it for granted. Thank you, Oden John Witherspoon, for the honor of being your Mama! Onward into your second year of life!

Stay tuned to see how we celebrated the big day with Oden’s First Fiesta and Oden’s One-Year Stats!

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