Wag more. Bark less.

I’m one of THOSE people.

A dog person. A big one.

I treat my dog like a (very spoiled) child. Cholula sleeps on the bed. She gets a yummy plate of food on holidays. I have a rather large Facebook album entitled “Cholula” and post photos often. I talk to her all the time (she totally understands me). She has dozens of nicknames. (Current favorite: Mee-maw, which evolved from Munchkin to Munch to Moonch to Meench to Meench-Munch to Mee-Moo to Mee-Maw. She responds to them all.) She’s not really a pet- she’s a member of the family. And today is her first birthday.

365 days ago, a female German Shepard had a litter of 7 puppies. Her owner was less than thrilled. She’d planned on purebred German Shepard puppies to sell, but the neighbor’s male Chocolate Lab had (ahem) other ideas. By the time we met Cholula, 8 weeks later, there were just two puppies left. I’ve said before that if the woman had brought along Cholula’s brother when we met, John and I would be celebrating TWO doggie birthdays today. I mean, LOOK.


German Shepard and Chocolate Lab mixed into one puppy is awesome. Cholula is that perfect combination of smart, loyal, sweet, and loving. We never met her parents, so we didn’t know how big she would get. She’s the perfect size, kind of a mini-Shepard. I hardly remember the days when she was teensie-weensie!


I’m always a bit suspicious of people who don’t like dogs. I can’t imagine life without knowing what the companionship of a loyal, sweet dog is like. I have learned a lot from dogs: that every day is a new beginning; that stretching is good for you; that napping should be a full commitment; that when you love someone, you should make sure they know it. As I look back on the photos from our first year with Cholula, I feel happy. We’re good parents. And that is one LOVED dog.


I knew I needed to do something special for Cholula for her birthday, so in addition to making plans for a swim and a hike, I decided to bake her some homemade treats! A quick Google search brought me to this website where I found a bunch of recipes for spoiled pups. I settled on the Cheesy Bacon Biscuits for obvious reasons. As I gathered my ingredients, I felt like I was getting ready to bake cookies!


I baked the bacon in the oven, and Cholula’s bacon radar went off. She hung out with me, sweetly and patiently, for the whole recipe. Smart dog. I let her lick the bacon wrapper. It was her BIRTHDAY EVE, after all!


The dog biscuit recipe really was pretty much the same as a cookie recipe.  Mix butter and sugar, add egg and vanilla, add dry ingredients. Even the bacon wasn’t THAT weird to stir in, considering these bad boys I made recently. It wasn’t until the cheddar cheese went in that I stopped tasting the batter and remembered this recipe was for DOGS.


But don’t these look appetizing?!


There was only one option for OFFICIAL TASTE TESTER in the house, and she was up for the challenge. (Shocking, I know.)


She loves them! How could she not? Her Happy Birthday Puppy Treats are stored in an airtight container, ready to share with her often. Because she deserves them. She’s a good girl.

And now, gratuitous puppy photos. A LOT of them.

Because I’m totally one of THOSE people.

Happy birthday, sweet Cholula!



  1. Happy Birthday Cholula!!! 🙂 I gotta ask…Amber, did YOU try one of those cookies? because I totally would!

    1. I tasted the batter and it was yummy- in fact, I might use the same recipe without the bacon and cheddar and throw in some chocolate chips or coconut and see how they turn out. John tried a biscuit and said it wasn’t bad- the cheese just throws it off!!

  2. Can I like this more than once?!?! She is just TOO CUTE!! Happy birthday, Mee-Maw! 😛

    (And I second Casama’s question! :D)

  3. Oh my gosh A! you know how much I looooove Cholula pics!! it feels like it’s also my birthday! 🙂 please tell me where I can send the lovely girl a birthday gift 🙂

      1. I had to contain my “awwwwws” ’cause I was looking at the pics during class [shhhh…]

      1. Yeah…that’s why we’re waiting for next summer. But they’re just so so so cute!!!

  4. Aww that is one happy pooch, and who could blame her with such loving and fantastic parents! Looks like she’s got a beautiful nature too, which is extra great if/when you have children…although she may be a little jealous at first hehe! Woof woof woof, Happy birthday Cholula! : )

    1. She is definitely used to being the spoiled one in the house so any future little ones will be an adjustment!

  5. Listen, your unashamed dedication to this (adorable, adorable) dog might be perceived by many as pure cracy, but I want to say that I GET YOU.

    I also get your ridiculous animal nickname methods. Example: my cat = TJ = TJPJ = Teejaroni & Cheese = Roni = Rones Bones = currently named “Bones.” I like to think that I’m not confusing him at all and he understands that each of these combinations applies to him.

    Good thing he’s a cat and it doesn’t really matter what I call him, as long as he gets dinner each night…

      1. My family/friends give me a really hard time about it… I try to keep it in check but we all know I’m going to be screaming baby-talk nonsense words at my animals for the rest of my life.

        It’s my cross to bear.

  6. I have so many favorite pics! Besides the puppy ones, I love the one of her mid-leap into the water to catch a ball, and her looking sleepy in your trailer. You are such a good dog mom, Amber!

  7. Cholula is so cute! I love that photo of her where one ear is straight up and the other is flopped down. Happy birthday to her, and cheers to you for being an outstanding dog mom 🙂

    1. We weren’t sure what her ears were going to do! They are still lop-sided- which we adore. She’s such a nugget.

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