One year ago: Puppy Town.

If you hate puppies, this post is not for you.

If baby animals make you cringe, read something else.

If adorable, teeny, fat-bellied furballs are your thing, stick around. There’s no spectacular writing skill involved here, nothing profound to say- just a big PILE OF LOVE. Because one year ago, John and I moved into Puppy Town. And our lives will never be the same.


We had been daydreaming about having a dog for a long time. On one of our summer excursions, we spent hours trying to think up great dog names. “Cricket!” I’d shout, out of the blue. “Jetty!” “Nugget!” “Spruce!” We went back and forth, until one evening, we took a walk before dinner. We realized we didn’t have hot sauce in the cooler. “Cholula would make a great dog name,” John said. He was right. (Don’t tell him I gave him credit for it.)

So we had the name. We just needed the dog.

Months later, after our trip to South Carolina for Thanksgiving, we decided it was time. I went online, looking for the right fit, and found the photo that was the beginning of the end.


“We’ll just meet her,” we told ourselves. And then the furry mini-beast tumbled out of a woman’s SUV and jiggled toward us. I may have uttered, “Awwwwwww…” and scooped her right up.


We must have been dead giveaways. The woman never even turned off her car.

These photos are from our first 24 hours with Cholula. If you suffer from Puppy Overload Syndrome, take your meds now. Because it’s ON.


It’s true, she does love John the most. But she loves her Mama, too. Occasionally, she’ll let me snuggle her. My lap is her preferred location for extended road trips. She still powernaps like a champ, and still sometimes watches television intently. And she plays with many of the same toys she received on that very first day with us.


We’ve loved her as much as we possibly can, and she gives it right back. She became a part of our pack from day one, and joins us on all of our adventures. Her arrival took a couple and turned us into a family.


What a wonderful year!

If you’re experiencing de ja vu, here’s why. Also, growth comparison testing here.


  1. Wow, they grow up fast don’t they. Congratulations on finding the right pup and for taking such good care of her.

  2. This post was the BEST study break!! There is something about puppies lowering stress that nothing else compares to! In fact, due to the nature of my studies, I’m on an organizing committee that is going to introduce a “puppy room” during exam periods at my university! I study therapeutic recreation and work along side many therapy dog organizations and they were all thrilled at the idea – not to mention it is great publicity for them and may even help them recruit volunteers! Long story short – thanks for sharing all the pictures, it was just the thing I needed 🙂

  3. Happy one year to you all! I love puppys – but also love to see them grow 😉 Thanks for this great post! I’m thinking of getting a dog too – I grew up with dogs and really miss to have one around…

    1. Puppies are so much work- I laugh when I think about how hard it really was- but I just said to John, “We should get another one.” They are such amazing companions. I’m thinking you should get one. 🙂

  4. I love this post! Puppies are the best with their razor sharp teeth, skunk breath and feet that are too big for them. After Boomer turned two years old we got Dottie, it was a great decision b/c they keep each other company when we are gone for the day.

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