Bliss bits 10/10.

It’s BLISS BITS Wednesday!

Guys, I’m not sure I’d describe this week as “blissy.” But it was the perfect week to challenge myself to find bright spots in hard days, smiles during trying times. And I found a bunch. 

Here are the little bits of my week that made me feel good.


A faithful friend.

Cholula believed the rock in the foreground was haunted and would go no further.

Dogs love grass.

It’s her BIRTHDAY tomorrow! Awww!

I love when John sends photos like this from his bike rides!

He also occasionally sends self-portraits. Adorbs.

Park City Medical Center’s rad lobby feels like someone should bring me a drink.

Hot air balloon over hospital heli-pad. So cool!

My front door is feeling festive!

That big fella weighs more than Cholula. True story. 

“I’ll take care of you, Mama.”

Napping with abandon.

Piggie artwork at the Copper Onion.

Risotto is almost as good as chicken soup: comfort.

My brother said he would disown me as a sibling if I DIDN’T buy this. My family rocks.

Big, fat tuna steaks about to be grilled. 

What bed looks like at 7:00AM.

A typical car ride situation.

You know. Just the usual bliss.


    1. Feeling ok, not great, but crossing things off the list of what is wrong! Thanks for asking! Yes, I think I must purchase Bumble.

  1. That birch tree photo is sunshine for my morning. I have no idea what happened, but I’m sending you heartfelt get well wishes from south Texas. Gotta get well, kiddo. I’m reading backward…

  2. as always I gotta say….Cholula looks adorable!!!! [If you ever need a babysitter I’m here, wink] I do hope you get well soon 🙂
    PS. happy b-day to Cholula!

  3. Those birch trees turning yellow are simply gorgeous. HAHA I love the one of Cholula afraid of the “haunted” rock. Love her personality.

    1. She literally started barking and wouldn’t go any further. I figured out it was because of the rock. What a weirdo!

    1. Thank you so much for thinking of me! My morning consisted of a massage and acupuncture so I’m feeling good at the moment. Much better than earlier in the week! Cholula says thank you!

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